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Pagong named these animals Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.Borneo
Osten was afraid of this animal called Pete.Pearl Islands
Richard Hatch bit this animal that bit him.All-Stars
John was stung by this animal.Marquesas
Jan had a funeral for this animal that she named Oscar.Thailand
Eddie planned on opening a bar where people could bring their...Caramoan
Sue called Kelly this in her infamous jury speech.Borneo
The contestants had to drink blood of this animal in a challenge.Africa
The merged tribe was named after this animal that Rupert found on the island.Pearl Islands
Mike Skupin is the only contestant to kill this animal on the show.The Australian Outback
Big Tom's jury question involved this animal.Africa
Cirie was hesitant to eat it raw.Panama
There was an alliance called the Four ____men.Fiji
During a challenge Yul explained why this animal can't climb trees.Cook Islands
Tony demonstrated his ability to talk like this animal.Cagayan
Mike ate this in his first episode with bad consequences.Worlds Apart
Ian's profession was related to this animal.Palau
Shirin was excited to witness these animals having sex.Worlds Apart
Phillip had these two animals tattooed on his arms.Redemption Island
Judd wished his tribemates would be bit by this animal.Guatemala
Russell's (from Galu) last name.Samoa
Zhan Hu tribe name meant 'Fighting...'China
There's a 'kontestant' with a very similar name to this animal.One World
Coach called himself the ____ slayer.Tocantins
Term used to describe someone that is taken to the end because they're not considered a jury threat.-

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