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Can you use the 3-word clues to find four and five letter D-Day Beaches?

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Element number 79
Exchanged for money
Bottom of shoe
Offer discount price
Created polio vaccine
Pout in silence
Descended to bottom
Of little value
Wife of Jupiter
The sixth month
Tarzan's lady friend
Glass in window
Breathe to cool
No longer existing
Display in public
Elegant or luxurious
Eat food greedily
Built an Ark
Nevada Capital Management
Beehive State
'Mutual of' company
Cow's third stomach
Fortress of Qadira
Break to bits
A typographical flourish
A wide strip
Hits or spanks
Long necked birds
Lee, Laurel, Covelski
Emitted foul smell
Knee to ankle
Dorsal finned fish
Sharp-edged broken glass
Grassy layered soil
Long-bladed metal weapon

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