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How much do you know about all the love affairs in 'A Song of Ice and Fire'?

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1. I am Eddard Stark and I married
2. She was first betrothed to
3. According to this lady (confiding in Reek), 2 slept with her
4. Catelyn has always been loved by
5. However, he marries
6. After instructing her to kill her husband
7. Infuriating 5, 6 kisses
8. Who is married to
9. 7's first (and cancelled) betrothal is to
10. Who then marries
11. After the death of her first husband
12. Who has an affair with
13. After 9, 10 marries
14. Before 7, 8 loves and is shortly married to
15. He is also involved with this ****
16. Whom he finds in ..........'s bed
17. Whose wife was
18. It is popularly believed that 17 was raped by/slept with
19. Who was married to
20. Whose daughter is sold to and then falls in love with
21. After whose death, Daenerys is kissed by her knight
22. To save Meereen, She marries
23. This kraken is sailing to marry her too
24. To defy this brother who also wishes to marry Daenerys
25.This nephew of Dany's also hopes to marry her
26. So does this Dornish prince
27. Whose sister seduces and sleeps with
28. Arianne has been secretly betrothed to
29. Whose brother was married to
30. But loves and 'kidnaps'
31. Who was betrothed to
32. Who then marries
33. Who has a long term affair with
34. Who becomes good 'friends' with
35. After 33 is captured, 32 takes this cousin to bed
36. who is afterwards married to
37. Cersei also confesses to have bed all brothers in this house
38. Before all this though, her father had promised she would marry
39. This Dornish prince traveled to Casterly Rock to negotiate a marriage with her as well
40. Eventually, he took this lady as a paramour
41. 39's brother is married to
42. Cersei's husband also has many affairs, including with this highborn lady
43. During the wedding of Selyse Florent to
44. Who also 'makes' shadow killers with
45. Who marries Sigorn, magnar of Thenn to
46. Like with 45, Jon Snow also protects this wildling 'princess'
47. Whose sister was married to
48. Infiltrating Mance's army, Jon falls in love with
49. Jon's half-brother also falls in love with this lady to the dismay of many
50. Although he has promised to marry someone from house
51. To make up for that broken promise, his uncle marries
52. 51's niece has previously married
53. Whose son marries and starves
54. And then marries the fake Arya
55. Who is tortured along with/using
56. Whose sister is absently married off to
57. But sleeps with
58. She is also loved by
59. Alysane Mormont tells Asha this knight wants to marry her as well
60. Meanwhile, Tyrion's sellsword becomes a lord by marrying

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