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QUIZ: Can you name the Chopped (TV) Generic Ingredients by Brand Names?

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Generic NameCommon Brand Name
soda crackers
bourbon whiskey
shredded wheat Crackers
chocolate sandwich cookie
marshmellow spread
fruit ring cereal
malted chocolate balls
Irish cream liqueur
peanut butter puff cereal
fruit leather
sour lemon candies
fig cookies
fruit flavored candy
puffed rice cereal
cinnamon toast cereal
Generic NameCommon Brand Name
butter crackers
cheese spread in a jar
whipped topping
sugared marshmellow candies
honey flavored cereal
strawberry popping candy
fruit punch flavored sports drink
sponge cake snacks
graham cracker cereal
chedder filled pretzels
crunchy cheese curls
vegetable yeast spread
peanut caramel candy bars
orange powdered drink

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