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Newspaper articles that were used to get public opinion against Spain
Term that describes the US not getting involved in WWI
War that was declared to stop Cuban mistreatment by Spain
US policy that endorsed the idea of equal access to Chinese markets
Country annexed by the US to gain access to Chinese markets
Project that was able to be built due to Panamanian independence
Economic principle where the government does little intervention in the economy
Used to justify US intervention in Latin America due to the Monroe Doctrine
War among European powers in early 20th century
Treaty that ended WWI for Germany
Formed after the war to help nations resolve disputes
Treaty that ended the Spanish American War
German boats used to sink Entente supply ships
Amendment that let the US intervene in Cuba
Germany promised to not sink American ships without warning, but later went back on it
Ship carrying arms that was sunk by Germans in 1915 which caused outcry
Telegram sent to Mexico to try to convince them to declare war on the US
Ship sunk in Havana that sparked the Spanish American War
Bonds that helped pay for the war
Man who wrote Influence of Sea Power Upon History
Foreign policy under Roosevelt
Foreign policy under Taft
Foreign policy under Wilson
Alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire
Alliance between France, Russia, and Britain
Territory annexed for its sugar and for a naval base in the Pacific
Event that caused Russian surrender
Treaty where the Russians surrendered
Board that oversaw industrial production
Board that outlawed strikes
Responsible for war propaganda
System that ensured no American ships were sunk traveling to France
Battle which prevented a German capture of Paris
Man who led the American Expeditionary Force
Act that gave the government power to ration food
Case that upheld the Sedition Act
Socialist who was jailed for opposing the war
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