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QUIZ: Can you name the Characters from Stephen King's The Dark Tower series?

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Dinh of the Ka-tet of 19
Joined the Ka-tet at the way-station
Coke smuggling, heroin addict
Suffers from a dual personality dissorder
The smallest, hairest member of the Ka-tet
Roland's nemesis
A serial killer from New York
Gigantic mechanical bear
Wisecracking, slingshot wielding childhood friend of Roland
Childhood friend of Roland who is strong in 'the touch'
Roland's first love
Tavern boy at Hambry
Leader of the Big Coffin Hunters
Hot-headed member of the big coffin hunters
Ladies man of the Big Coffin Hunters
A powerful 'Breaker'
Damned priest who first appeared in Salem's Lot
An artist with enough talent to shape the real world as he sees fit
Roland's mentor and teacher
The ultimate in evil, this mysterious figure wishes to conquer the Dark Tower
Evil, decrepit old witch
A spirit who possess one of the Ka-tet
Son of Roland
Leader of the Can-toi
New york criminal kingpin
A New York gangster
A psychic vampire who feeds on emotions

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