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What is the first ever word spoken on Futurama?
What is Bender's full name?
Can you name Leela's father?
What planet is Lrrr the ruler of?
What hit TV show stars Calculon?
Name the character from the quote: 'Surgery in an opera, how wonderfully decadent!'
In which city is Futurama set?
You have sea lions on the land?
Where is Leela's homeworld?
Where did Bender attend university?
Finish the episode title: The Devil's Hands _ _ _
Which vaguely-folkish alterna-rock star did Bender tour with?
In the episode 'The Sting' Bender states that he is not allowed to sing, why?
In the episode 'A Bicyclops Built for Two ' what is the name of Leela's fiance?
Name the group of robots that take Professor Farnsworth when he reached the age of 160
Name Fry's dog
Which sorority did Amy belong to?
What 'sexy learning disability' does Zapp Brannigan suffer from?
Name the three most prominent members of the Robot Mafia
Who voices the Robot Devil?
Name the character from the quote: 'I took the liberty of fertilizing your caviar'
What is the name of Hermes' arch-rival?
What is the name of Professor Farnswoth's arch-rival?
Who created Futurama?
What song did Kiff sing on karaoke on the episode 'Amazon Women In The Mood'?
What is the name of Fry's boss when he worked at the pizzeria?
Where is Robot Santa's death fortress located?
What is the name of the lovable human-hating news anchor?
What is the name of the robot that runs the hovercraft dealership and that Fry later meets in a robot insane asylum?
Finish the episode title: 'How Hermes _ _ _ _'
Name the first of four Futurama Movies?
In the movie 'The Beast with a Billion Backs', how do the scientists settle their dispute?
Name the rival delivery company that Dwight and Cubert start
Who is the biological mother of Kiff's children?
Name Bender's super hero alter ego in the episode 'Less Than a Hero'
Name Fry's super hero alter ego in the episode 'Less Than a Hero'
Name Leela's super hero alter ego in the episode 'Less Than a Hero'
Which voice actor plays Fry, Professor Farnsworth, Zoidberg and many other characters?
What kind of suit does Zapp Brannigan favour?
Name the character from the quote: 'Stop! Take one more step and I'll breathe fire on you!'
What does Bender secretly long to become?
Name the character from the quote: ' My only regret is... that I have... boneitis!'
Name Mom's three sons
Who voices the character Yivo on 'The Beast with a Billion Backs'?
Finish the episode title: The Farnsworth _
What was the name of the character that replaced Scotty on Star Trek?
Who won the presidential election on the episode 'A Head in the polls'?
And who was his vice president?
Who originally pushed Fry into the cryogenic tube?
Who was the first emperor of the moon?
What name does Bender use when playing dungeons and Dragons?
Who is Kif Kroker's Fonfon Ru?
Name the Planet Express janitor
What planet is home to the Yarn people?
What soft drink is Fry addicted to?
And What planet did that soft drink originate?
What powers the Planet Express ship?
What is Bender's 2nd most used word?
Finish the quote: Neutral President: 'If I dont survive it, _ _ _ _.'
What is Leela's appartment number?
Who was the alien that was discovered in Roswell, New Mexico, 1947?
What was Uranus renamed 'to end all those stupid jokes once and for all'?
Who is the mayor of New New York?
Which famous TV chef does Bender idolize?
What is the name of Don Bot's wife?
Who is Fry's Grandfather?
What speices is Nibbler?
Where did Leela work prior to meeting Fry?
Who voiced Planet Express ship in the episode 'Love and Rocket'?
Finish the quote: Farnsworth: '53 years old?! Aww, now I'll need a fake ID to _ _ _'
In the episode 'The Honking', Bender receives an inheritance from his uncle. Name that uncle.
Name the insane robot that has a fondness for stabbing
What is name does Bender give to Fry on the episode The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz?
Name the invention that 'that allows you to operate equipment from great distances'
What is the name of Farnsworth's Gargoyle?
What was the name of the wind up vehicle that was given to Fry to escape the infosphere?
What was in the bottle that won Bender the Iron Cook competition?
What is the name of the highly advanced robot that Bender took a dislike to in the episode 'Obsoletely Fabulous'?
Name the device that Bender and Fry used to find the winning bottle cap on the episode Fry and the Slurm Factory?
What is the name of the orphanarium that Leela grew up in?
What is the name of Zapp Brannigan's ship?
Name the hit TV show that stars a hypnotic amphibian
Who was Fry's room mate at Mars University?
What planet did Leela find Nibbler on?
Name the species of space parasite that attaches its jelly-like body to the skull
In the episode 'Time Keeps on Slipping', what was the name of the Basketball team that challenged Earth?
In the movie 'Into the Wild Green Yonder', according to Leela 'men have one fatal weakness'. What is it?
Which invention did Professor Farnsworth intend to present at the annual inventors convention only to discover that he had presented it the previous year?
What is Calculon's operating system?
How many episodes of Futurama are there in it's original run from 1999-2003?
Which alcoholic drink does Zapp Brannigan have a hard time pronouncing?
What is the name of Fry's older brother?
Name the character from the quote: 'When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all.'
According to the Brain Spawn there are two Phillip J Frys, there is one from Earth. But where is the other from _?
Name the instrument that Fry tried to learn in order to impress Leela
Finish the episode title: Bender Should _ _ _ _ _
Which sport did Hermes represent Earth for at the Olympics?
Name one of the geeky Fratbots that Bender met while at Mars University
Why is the moon such a popular tourist attraction?

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