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The claim that unemployment eventually returns to its norma rate, regardless of inflation
The Phillips Curve shows the short-run trade-off between ________ and _________
Shifts in the aggregate demand push inflation and unemployment in _________ directions in the short run.
The vertical long-run Phillips curve illustrates the conclusion that unemployment does not depend on ________ ________ and ____________ in the long run
An event that directly alters firms' costs and prices, shifting the economy's aggregate-supply curve and thus the Philips curve
Or sticker shock, according to Joseph 
Low unemployment is associated with ______ aggregate demand, which in turn puts upward pressure on wages and prices in the economy
Policymakers can pursue expansionary ____________ policy to achieve lower unemployment for awhile, but it will eventually lead to its natural rate
__________ actual inflation is associated with lower unemployment
A policy change that reduced the natural rate of unemployment would shift the long-run Phillips curve to the ________.

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