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Oh, I'm not gonna kill ya. I'm just gonna
That's too easy..
Carefull. Do not take
Surrender becomes
Say it. Say it! Say it.
We're bad guys,
Dr. Quinzel.
I need a
Stay evil,
The one, the only,
You are my gift to this
I should kill everyone
Thats not what
You disobey me,
I'm known for
I'm just
I can't wait to
What is that,
What a
Stupid Bats,
Don't forget;
She was assigned
She thought she was curing him,
You got all
I got some grape
...and a bear
This bird
He's embarrased of us,
Here's to honor
We're the patsies;
Triangle, bitch!
The worst
They became the King and
..and God help anyone
Y'all jokers
I'm bored,
I want you to kill him

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