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Can you name the actors who have featured in MORE THAN ONE film directed by Zack Snyder?

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Cryptic Clue + Number of MoviesThe ActorOne of their characters
CANO (4 movies)Sally Jupiter/Silk Spectre (Watchmen)
AMMS (3 movies)Lois Lane (Justice League)
HELL (3 movies)Clark Kent/Superman (Man of Steel)
GAER (3 movies)Ubermortal Vocals - voice (300)
DINE (3 movies)Martha Kent (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)
PAUI (3 movies)Earl (Sucker Punch)
MATT (3 movies)The Cook (Sucker Punch)
ELER (3 movies)Young Rorschach (Watchmen)
MITE (2 movies)Bar Knot Top (Watchmen)
BECK (2 movies)Bruce Wayne/Batman (Justice League)
BRNE (2 movies)Ace O'Clubs Bartender (Man of Steel)
REER (2 movies)Jenny (Man of Steel)
SELL (2 movies)Police Officer #2 (Sucker Punch)
CLON (2 movies)Young Hollis Mason (Watchmen)
RINE (2 movies)Tor-An (Man of Steel)
ISAU (2 movies)Mother at Market (300)
ABSH (2 movies)Sweet Pea (Sucker Punch)
KEER (2 movies)Jonathan Kent (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)
JORD (2 movies)Pete Ross (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)
RENE (2 movies)Dev-Em (Man of Steel)
JERG (2 movies)Lex Luthor (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)
LANE (2 movies)Perry White (Man of Steel)
MAER (2 movies)Moloch (Watchmen)
GAOT (2 movies)Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Justice League)
COSS (2 movies)Father Leone (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)
JENS (2 movies)Alfred Pennyworth (Justice League)
SAJO (2 movies)Euboea (Justice League)
ALNI (2 movies)Officer Sekowsky (Man of Steel)
BRLY (2 movies)Byrne (Man of Steel)
MILY (2 movies)Steve Lombard (Man of Steel)
CHUK (2 movies)Glen Woodburn (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)
CANE (2 movies)Anti War Protester (Watchmen)
HAIX (2 movies)General Swanwick (Man of Steel)
JENE (2 movies)Jenet Klyburn (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)
STIE (2 movies)Hollis Mason (Watchmen)
EZER (2 movies)Barry Allen/The Flash (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)
JAOA (2 movies)Aquaman (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)
MION (2 movies)General Zod (Man of Steel)
JOOR (2 movies)Grim Doctor (Sucker Punch)
IAEY (2 movies)Ludlow (Man of Steel)
APVA (2 movies)Silhouette (Watchmen)
DAAM (2 movies)Dilios (300)
PAON (2 movies)Dan Dreiberg/Nite Owl (Watchmen)
CHEN (2 movies)Major Carrie Farris (Man of Steel)

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