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QUIZ: Can you name the actors who have featured in MORE THAN ONE film directed by Stephen Frears?

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Cryptic Clue + Number of MoviesThe ActorOne of their characters
JUCH (3 movies)Philomena (Philomena)
ELEY (3 movies)Edgar Booth Cunningham, Jr. (Florence Foster Jenkins)
ROAM (2 movies)Nicholas Hardiment (Tamara Drewe)
FRER (2 movies)Rosie Hobbs (Sammy and Rosie Get Laid)
THER (2 movies)Mrs Oscar Garmunder (Florence Foster Jenkins)
SAON (2 movies)Doctor (The Grifters)
ANCK (2 movies)Male Mourner (Mrs Henderson Presents)
GLSE (2 movies)Marquise de Merteuil (Dangerous Liaisons)
GAER (2 movies)Actor 1 - Mr Sloane (Prick Up Your Ears)
JOCK (2 movies)Liz (High Fidelity)
JOCK (2 movies)Roy Dillon (The Grifters)
SUCK (2 movies)Donna O'Day (Accidental Hero)
BRER (2 movies)Eustacia (Tamara Drewe)
MION (2 movies)Lord Salisbury (Victoria and Abdul)
RILL (2 movies)Pharmacy Nurse (Dirty Pretty Things)
IBLE (2 movies)Laura (High Fidelity)
DUAN (2 movies)Bernie LaPlante (Accidental Hero)
GEAN (2 movies)Telephone Man (My Beautiful Laundrette)
LLON (2 movies)Harry (Mrs Henderson Presents)
AYIN (2 movies)Sammy (Sammy and Rosie Get Laid)
JOCH (2 movies)Vicomte de Valmont (Dangerous Liaisons)
RUBE (2 movies)Mother Barbara (Philomena)
JOOR (2 movies)Donaghy (Florence Foster Jenkins)
MIER (2 movies)Madame de Tourvel (Dangerous Liaisons)
SIIX (2 movies)Corporal Jones (Florence Foster Jenkins)
MIEN (2 movies)Tony Blair (The Queen)
JOAN (2 movies)Georges (Dangerous Liaisons)
NETH (2 movies)Arthur (Gumshoe)
RONS (2 movies)Arthur Bigge (Victoria and Abdul)
STKY (2 movies)Wallace (Accidental Hero)
STND (2 movies)Phineas Stark (Florence Foster Jenkins)
BAAN (2 movies)Dealer (My Beauiful Laundrette)
CAES (2 movies)Tulip (Lay the Favorite)

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