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QUIZ: Can you name the remade movies from the original and remake's directors?

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The DirectorsThe Movie(s)Initial Letters
Alexander Mackendrick (1955), Ethan & Joel Coen (2004)TL
Theo Frenkel (1911), Tyrone Guthrie (1957)OR
Gregory La Cava (1936), Henry Koster (1957)MMG
John G. Blystone (1925), Victor Hanbury & John Stafford (1935)DT
William A. Wellman (1937), Frank Pierson (1976)ASIB
Alexander Hall (1941), Warren Beatty & Buck Henry (1978)HCMJ and HCW (enter either)
John Goetz & Franchot Tone (1957), Stuart Burge (1963)UV
Gary Nelson (1976), Mark Waters (2003)FF
John Frankenheimer (1962), Jonathan Demme (2004)TMC
Eugene Moore (1915), Tim Whelan (1937)TMOTF

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