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Can you name the actors who have featured in MORE THAN THREE films directed by Michael Curtiz?

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Cryptic Clue + Number of MoviesThe ActorOne of their characters
ERNN (12 movies)Robin Hood (The Adventures of Robin Hood)
ALLE (11 movies)Little John (The Adventures of Robin Hood)
CLNS (10 movies)Prince John (The Adventures of Robin Hood)
OLND (9 movies)Maid Marian (The Adventures of Robin Hood)
DOLO (8 movies)Vera Zuanova (Hearts in Exile)
FRGH (8 movies)Joe Clemens (Dodge City)
MOEN (7 movies)Inspector Peterson (Mildred Pierce)
HELL (7 movies)Col. Dodge (Dodge City)
HURT (6 movies)Rick Blaine (Casablanca)
HOGH (6 movies)Dr. Bronson (Captain Blood)
DOSP (6 movies)Francis Bacon (The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex)
BEIS (6 movies)Queen Elizabeth (The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex)
JCSH (6 movies)Subadar-Major Puran Singh (The Charge of the Light Brigade)
RUON (6 movies)Gaylord (Virginia City)
GENT (5 movies)Neil (The Keyhole)
JAON (5 movies)Wally Fay (Mildred Pierce)
HELL (5 movies)Sir Robert Cecil (The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex)
RULY (5 movies)Miss Frothingham (Female)
ALNS (5 movies)Pinky Cassidy (The Perfect Specimen)
GEAS (5 movies)Dietz (Yankee Doodle Dandy)
DACE (5 movies)Andrew Baynes (Captain Blood)
ROCK (5 movies)Frobisher (The Sea Hawk)
EVEN (4 movies)Ida Corwin (Mildred Pierce)
ROAT (4 movies)Count Igor Volonoff (The Charge of the Light Brigade)
NORY (4 movies)Nickoloff/King Nephilim (Noah's Ark)
WAND (4 movies)Bud Taylor (Dodge City)
JAEY (4 movies)George M. Cohan (Yankee Doodle Dandy)
ARWE (4 movies)Sparrow - Professor Darcy (Mystery of the Wax Museum)
JOAN (4 movies)Spike Kiley (Front Page Woman)
DOAY (4 movies)Jo Jordan (Young Man of Music)
TOAN (4 movies)Jake (Four Daughters)
FRAY (4 movies)Don Carlos (Under a Texas Moon)
DIAN (4 movies)Ernest Talbot (Four Wives)
KAIS (4 movies)Elena Moura (British Agent)
JOLD (4 movies)George Leach (The Sea Wolf)
DORD (4 movies)Lord Bobby Vane (A Million Bid)
HAES (4 movies)General C.O. Furlong (The Key)
THON (4 movies)Daily World Editor (Doctor X)
JOEL (4 movies)Matt Cole (Dodge City)
BANE (4 movies)Slag Martin (Gold Is Where You Find It)
TULL (4 movies)Slats (Mammy)
LEAN (4 movies)Professor Rooster (Hearts in Exile)
WILL (4 movies)Philo Vance (The Kennel Murder Case)
JOEN (4 movies)Berger (Casablanca)
PHED (4 movies)Freddie Claybourne (Female)
MAON (4 movies)Aunt Etta (Four Wives)
SZLL (4 movies)Carl (Casablanca)
HEON (4 movies)Lord Burghley (The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex)
GUMS (4 movies)'Marblehead' (Virginia City)

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