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Can you name the actors who have featured in MORE THAN ONE film directed by Ken Russell?

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Cryptic Clue + Number of MoviesThe ActorOne of their characters
KEEY (5 movies)Legrand (The Devils)
CHLE (5 movies)Will Brangwen (The Rainbow)
IMRE (4 movies)George Sand (Lisztomania)
ANDS (4 movies)Rangier (The Devils)
GLON (4 movies)Gudrun Brangwen (Women in Love)
MAAN (3 movies)Max (The Boy Friend)
BEIS (3 movies)Thomas Buff (Savage Messiah)
GRGE (3 movies)Michael (The Boy Friend)
OTNT (3 movies)Felix Mendelsohn (Lisztomania)
GELE (3 movies)Alma Mahler (Mahler)
JOIN (3 movies)Lionel Shaw (Savage Messiah)
MUIN (3 movies)Alphonse (The Boy Friend)
JUIS (3 movies)Miss Harby (The Rainbow)
OLED (3 movies)Urbain Grandier (The Devils)
KELL (3 movies)Cappadocian/Kenneth (Salome's Last Dance)
VLAL (3 movies)Loerke (Women in Love)
DUON (3 movies)MacAllister (The Rainbow)
ROEY (2 movies)Tommy (Tommy)
SAIS (2 movies)Mary Trent (The Lair of the White Worm)
AMOE (2 movies)Lady Sylvia Marsh (The Lair of the White Worm)
LIEW (2 movies)1st Slave (Salome's Last Dance)
ANIS (2 movies)Cosima Wagner (Mahler)
MIGH (2 movies)Mr. Brangwen (Women in Love)
ALOV (2 movies)Dmitri Shubelov (The Music Lovers)
STNS (2 movies)Herod/Alfred Taylor (Salome's Last Dance)
CALY (2 movies)3rd Slave (Salome's Last Dance)
LIMP (2 movies)Angus Corky (Savage Messiah)
JEEN (2 movies)Ursula Brangwen (Women in Love)
BRHY (2 movies)Peter (The Boy Friend)
PAAS (2 movies)Cousin Kevin (Tommy)
ROLL (2 movies)Gustav Mahler (Mahler)
BRLE (2 movies)Percy (The Boy Friend)
GACH (2 movies)Young Mahler (Mahler)
ALLL (2 movies)Von Meck child (The Music Lovers)
VILL (2 movies)Tatiana (The Music Lovers)
TIAW (2 movies)2nd Slave (Salome's Last Dance)
IZER (2 movies)Sister Iza (The Devils)
PEAN (2 movies)Rory O'Neil (Valentino)
CAER (2 movies)Sister Catherine (The Devils)

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