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Can you name the directors who featured the actor John Wayne on multiple occasions?

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Last Word of Film TitlesThe DirectorExample
Machree* Sons* House* Rifles* Salute* Woman* Reckless* Stagecoach Home Expendable Apache Godfathers Ribbon Grande Man Searchers Eagles Soldiers Valance Won Reef
Destiny Texan Divide Steel Utah Star Beyond Frontier Terror Valley Rider Ho Range
Saddle Raiders Stampede Range Riders Steers Outlaw Frontier Jake
Hills Lost Alaska Won Showman Elder Grit
River Bravo Hatari! Dorado Lobo
Nineties Pecos Trail Coast Dakota
McLintock! Hellfighters Undefeated Chisum Cahill
Alley* Alamo Comancheros* Berets Jake*
Airport* Coach* Sky Mighty Alley
Ahead! War! Crowds End
Gold Sonora Monterey Wasteland
Ark* Way Comancheros
Feud Cyclone Law
Seabees Witch McLain
Express Musketeers Trail
Hondo Chase
Alone Skies
Airport* Face
Wagon Robbers
Smile* Lost
Reservations Berets*
Canyon Frontier
Robbery* Pittsburgh
Rebel Chance
Refugee Louisiana
Kentuckian Pacific
Trail Command
Stampede Trail

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