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Can you name the actors who have featured in MORE THAN ONE film directed by John Huston?

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Cryptic Clue + Number of MoviesThe ActorOne of their characters
HURT (6 movies)Charlie Allnutt (The African Queen)
JOON (6 movies)Grizzly Adams (The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean)
ORES (4 movies)Le Chiffre (Casino Royale)
JAET (3 movies)Yvonne Firmin (Under the Volcano)
FRFF (3 movies)Andrew (Sinful Davey)
AVER (3 movies)Lily Langtry (The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean)
JOON (3 movies)Police Inspector Millett (In This Our Life)
ANON (3 movies)Maerose Prizzi (Prizzi's Honor)
DERR (3 movies)Sister Angela (Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison)
MACE (3 movies)Ziggy (Key Largo)
NIIS (3 movies)Erector Set (The Kremlin Letter)
DONN (3 movies)Sir James Campbell (Sinful Davey)
ROEY (3 movies)The Brother / Rev. Samuel Sayer (The African Queen)
NOLL (3 movies)Ship's Carpenter (Moby Dick)
HAWS (2 movies)Mackintosh (The MacKintosh Man)
MAOR (2 movies)Brigid O'Shaughnessy (The Maltese Falcon)
NETY (2 movies)Hoover Shoates (Wise Blood)
THEL (2 movies)King Milo IV of Serbia (Moulin Rouge)
MOUE (2 movies)Sheriff Ben Wade (Key Largo)
EDNE (2 movies)Yorkshire BIll (Sinful Davey)
MINE (2 movies)Peachy Carnehan (The Man Who Would Be King)
MOFT (2 movies)Perce Howland (The Misfits)
EDOR (2 movies)Daggoo (Moby Dick)
RONO (2 movies)'Elijah' (Moby Dick)
GUHY (2 movies)Professor (The Kremlin Letter)
ALEY (2 movies)Daddy Warbucks (Annie)
SYET (2 movies)Kasper Gutman (The Maltese Falcon)
PERT (2 movies)Taafe (The MacKintosh Man)
WIEY (2 movies)Don Corrado Prizzi (Prizzi's Honor)
SAFE (2 movies)Doc Erwin Riedenschneider (The Asphalt Jungle)
JEES (2 movies)Mrs. Gwendolen Chelm (Beat the Devil)
STCH (2 movies)Bad Bob (The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean)
BUER (2 movies)Ben Zachary (The Unforgiven)
RONG (2 movies)Pilgrim Leader (A Walk with Love and Death)
PERE (2 movies)Joel Cairo (The Maltese Falcon)
BANE (2 movies)Lt. of Detectives Dundy (The Maltese Falcon)
ROUM (2 movies)Cpl. Allison, USMC (Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison)
MAOE (2 movies)Roslyn Taber (The Misfits)
AUHY (2 movies)Henry Fleming - the Youth (The Red Badge of Courage)
PAAN (2 movies)Judge Roy Bean (The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean)
LECK (2 movies)Effie Perine (The Maltese Falcon)
GETT (2 movies)Abraham (The Bible: In the Beginning...)
FRUR (2 movies)Queequeg (Moby Dick)
MAOW (2 movies)Major Karl Von Steiner - The Germans (Escape to Victory)

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