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Can you name the actors who have featured in MORE THAN ONE film directed by John Boulting?

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Cryptic Clue + Number of MoviesThe ActorOne of their characters
KETH (6 movies)Private Dai Jones (Private's Progress)
RIGH (5 movies)Pinkie Brown (Brighton Rock)
IAON (5 movies)Chopper Parsons (Rotten to the Core)
IAEL (4 movies)Jim Dixon (Lucky Jim)
BAAM (4 movies)Minister of Labour (I'm All Right Jack)
WILL (4 movies)Dallow (Brighton Rock)
VIRN (4 movies)Anxious O'Toole (Rotten to the Core)
MION (4 movies)Mr. Windrush Snr. (Private's Progress)
MANE (4 movies)Miss Palmer (Heavens Above!)
THRS (4 movies)Chief Constable Preston (Rotten to the Core)
ROAM (3 movies)The Prime Minister (Seven Days to Noon)
IAEN (3 movies)Private Horrocks (Private's Progress)
MAEY (3 movies)Num Yum's Executive (I'm All Right Jack)
ROCE (3 movies)Levers (Suspect)
JOON (3 movies)Mrs. Stukely (The Magic Box)
MAEY (3 movies)Miss Rossiter (Rotten to the Core)
HEST (3 movies)Professor Hutchinson (Lucky Jim)
BRON (3 movies)M.O. at Gravestone Camp (Private's Progress)
DECE (3 movies)Brig. Bertram Tracepurcel (Private's Progress)
TEAS (3 movies)Bertrand Welch (Lucky Jim)
MANE (2 movies)Missiles Director (I'm All Right Jack)
JOER (2 movies)Shop Steward (I'm All Right Jack)
IRDL (2 movies)Rene Smith (Heavens Above!)
RAEY (2 movies)Sir George Gatting the Minister of Defense (Suspect)
SIES (2 movies)Seaman Charlie 'Badge' Badger (Seagulls Over Sorrento)
BAES (2 movies)Professor Willingdon (Seven Days to Noon)
PEES (2 movies)Arthur Egan (Private's Progress)
JOIN (2 movies)Lt. Roger Wharton (Seagulls Over Sorrento)
SADD (2 movies)Slater (Suspect)
JOER (2 movies)Waters (I'm All Right Jack)
HAKE (2 movies)Shop Steward (Heavens Above!)
BEVE (2 movies)Mrs. Mary McWilliams (Journey Together)
BEES (2 movies)Simpson (Heavens Above!)
MAGE (2 movies)T.V. Panel Chairman (I'm All Right Jack)
CEER (2 movies)Archdeacon Aspinall (Heavens Above!)
CAON (2 movies)Tramp (Heavens Above!)
MARD (2 movies)Aunt Dolly (I'm All Right Jack)
PERS (2 movies)Fred Kite / Sir John Kennaway (I'm All Right Jack)
ARER (2 movies)Nick the Bible (Rotten to the Core)
OLNE (2 movies)Goldie (Seven Days to Noon)
ERES (2 movies)Harry Smith (Heavens Above!)
DAON (2 movies)Smith (Journey Together)
MIWE (2 movies)Col. Fanshawe (Private's Progress)
NOON (2 movies)Racecourse Evangelist (Brighton Rock)
BRAN (2 movies)Phil the Barman (Suspect)
HAMS (2 movies)Prewitt (Brighton Rock)

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