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Can you name the actors who have featured in MORE THAN FOUR films directed by Gerald Thomas?

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Cryptic Clue + Number of MoviesThe ActorOne of their characters
JOMS (30 movies)Lady Ruff-Diamond (Carry On Up the Khyber)
KEMS (28 movies)The Khasi of Kalabar (Carry On Up the Khyber)
CHEY (24 movies)Chief Big Heap (Carry on Cowboy)
SIES (23 movies)King Henry VIII (Carry On Henry)
KEOR (18 movies)Captain S. Melly (Carry On England)
PETH (15 movies)Citizen Bidet (Don't Lose Your Head)
JILE (15 movies)Marshal P. Knutt (Carry on Cowboy)
HAES (15 movies)Matron (Carry on Doctor)
BEAW (14 movies)Little Heap (Carry on Cowboy)
CYIN (13 movies)Sarge (Carry On Cabby)
FRTH (13 movies)Professor Stark (Carry On Spying)
MILE (13 movies)Squire Trelawney (Carry on Dick)
MANE (11 movies)Mrs. Alice Able (Carry On Nurse)
PERE (10 movies)Citizen Robespierre (Don't Lose Your Head)
JOON (10 movies)Hospital Matron (Carry On Regardless)
PADS (10 movies)Linda Upmore (Carry on Behind)
BAOR (10 movies)Babs (Carry on Camping)
JAAS (8 movies)Twitching Father (Carry On Matron)
VIRN (8 movies)Detective Sgt. Liddell (Carry On Constable)
LEPS (8 movies)PC Tom Potter (Carry On Constable)
ANAR (8 movies)Stores Sergeant (Carry On Sergeant)
TETT (8 movies)Ugh, the Jungle Boy (Carry On Up the Jungle)
ESON (7 movies)Flo Sims (Carry On Cabby)
TOGG (7 movies)Sosages (Carry on Cleo)
EDUX (7 movies)Mr. Panting (Carry On Regardless)
JUAY (7 movies)Major Shorthouse (Carry On Up the Khyber)
GEER (7 movies)Bidet (Carry On Henry)
DAGE (7 movies)Captain Bull (Carry On England)
BRON (7 movies)Brutus (Carry on Cleo)
BRON (7 movies)Burt, Stagecoach Guard (Carry on Cowboy)
ERER (6 movies)Ancient General (Carry On Emmannuelle)
BIUS (6 movies)Oddbod Junior (Carry on Screaming!)
DEIS (6 movies)Brother Martin (Carry on Abroad)
PAIN (6 movies)Vera Bragg (Carry on Behind)
PEON (6 movies)Seth, Horsa's Companion (Carry on Cleo)
BIRD (6 movies)Guy Fawkes (Carry On Henry)
MAAN (6 movies)Dawn Brakes (Carry on Girls)
BRNE (6 movies)Gunner Owen (Carry On England)
MIRD (6 movies)Archimedes (Carry on Cleo)
LIER (5 movies)Sally (Carry On Cabby)
LUHS (5 movies)Miss Horton (Carry On Constable)
REON (5 movies)Molly (Carry On Cabby)
DIYE (5 movies)Mavis Winkle (Carry on Doctor)
VAON (5 movies)Miss Dobbin (Carry on Camping)
JULD (5 movies)Queen Isabella (Carry on Columbus)
DAMS (5 movies)Andrew Newman (Carry On Nurse)
IAON (5 movies)Ancient Carrier (Carry on Jack)

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