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Can you name the directors who featured the actor Gary Cooper on multiple occasions?

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Last Word of Film TitlesThe DirectorExample
Forever Lancer Ibbetson Sea Glory Now Evil
Doomsday Kiss Parade Wyoming Paramount
Parade Paramount Million* Living Wife
Plainsman Police Wassell Unconquered
Gap* Romance* Speed* Bluff*
Wings Condemned Geste Anthology
Yankees Tolls Brown Trunk
Parade Paramount Caravans
Live York Fire
Lady* Jones Dallas
Million* Wonderland James*
It* Divorce* Morocco
Brave Parade Paramount
Bound Nevada Sabreur
Lady* Westerner Persuasion
Deare Edge
Parade Paramount
It* Hair
Turpin* Horseshoe*
Arms Desire
Eagle* Anthology
Town Doe
Texan Polo*
Sea* Million*
Force Tree
Song Virginian
Woman Deep
Parade Paramount
Parade Paramount
Parade Paramount
Divorce Time*
Parade Million*
Betrayal Dawn
Tricks* Pals*
Million* Afternoon
Parade Paramount
Mesa* American*
Hour* Woman
Parade Paramount
Night Fountainhead
Angel Leave

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