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Can you name the actors who have featured in MORE THAN ONE film directed by Barry Levinson?

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Cryptic Clue + Number of MoviesThe ActorOne of their characters
RAIN (15 movies)Chaplain Noel (Good Morning, Vietnam)
DUAN (4 movies)Raymond Babbitt (Rain Man)
JANS (4 movies)Marlboro (Sleepers)
RORO (3 movies)Conrad Brean (Wag the Dog)
BEKE (3 movies)Technician (Wag the Dog)
BRBY (3 movies)Lt. Steven Hauk (Good Morning, Vietnam)
ROMS (3 movies)Adrian Cronauer (Good Morning, Vietnam)
BRIS (3 movies)Bombay Brian (Rock the Kasbah)
DALO (2 movies)Emil LaJong (The Natural)
PATI (2 movies)John Levin (Disclosure)
JOIO (2 movies)Furillo (Disclosure)
KEON (2 movies)Nokes (Sleepers)
DYER (2 movies)Dr. Farr (The Last Act)
JOND (2 movies)Man Attacking Dr. Abrams (The Bay)
BRNI (2 movies)Arguing Husband (Tin Men)
JARD (2 movies)Alamo Bank Manager (Bandits)
SULL (2 movies)Teacher #2 (Liberty Heights)
PAAN (2 movies)Jerry (What Just Happened)
BAEY (2 movies)Harriet Bird (The Natural)
JAAN (2 movies)Turk (Liberty Heights)
KEDE (2 movies)Newscaster (Jimmy Hollywood)
SAON (2 movies)Billy Saunders (Bandits)
JONA (2 movies)Nate Kurtzman (Liberty Heights)
GIZA (2 movies)Jury Forewoman (Sleepers)
FLDY (2 movies)Waitress (Diner)
BETH (2 movies)Countess di Frasso (Bugsy)
CUEN (2 movies)Jimmy Wah (Good Morning, Vietnam)
BRNE (2 movies)Darill Miller (Bandits)
SUON (2 movies)Mary Anne Hunter (Disclosure)
AMER (2 movies)Natalie Vanderpark (Envy)
RIOW (2 movies)Dan 'The Man' Levitan (Good Morning, Vietnam)
FREK (2 movies)Grandma Rose (Liberty Heights)
JAER (2 movies)Sklansky (Wag the Dog)
TOND (2 movies)General Tagnell (Toys)
MIER (2 movies)Bagel (Diner)
JOLA (2 movies)Carson (Sleepers)
CHEN (2 movies)Jack Menken (Man of the Year)
JTSH (2 movies)Sgt. Major Dickerson (Good Morning, Vietnam)
ROHT (2 movies)Gwen Tyler (Toys)
SHAN (2 movies)Mason Dixon Operator #1 (Tin Men)

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