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Can you identify the named characters in Frank Herbert's 1965 novel 'Dune'?

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Anagram of NameCharacter's NameFurther Hint
UPLA SEATRIEDThe many-named hero
GUISA HENEL AMMOHIWatch out for her gom jabbar!
JACISSE SEATRIEDA Bene Gesserit & the hero's mother
FURHIT WHAATMentat Master of Assassins
ELTO SEATRIEDThe hero's father
TINGLENOWL HUEYGraduated from Suk School
DIMRIVAL KORNHENNAGrandfather of the hero
TRIPE ED REVISA Twisted Mentat
DEFY-AUTHAR KORHENNAHe fights dirty...
TILE-NESKYPlanetologist...and more?
NERGUY CHEKALLPlayed the baliset
PESMAHer honorific title means 'well-dipper'
RAGLISTNaib of Sietch Tabr
MASER KUTEA smuggler
OSO-OOSA banker
LARING TWEBA water magnate
TINKEAn enemy trooper
GIZCOAn enemy trooper
UNMAM DUKUBad guy's personal guard not up to the job
KNIAI UNDEFBad guy's replacement personal guard
KIERAA wounded soldier who dies
HASRIMFremen with the planetologist
SULGOS BARBANAka Count of Lankivell
NASBAT KUTESmuggler, son of another smuggler
TIMATADying smuggler who asks for a song
MIJASKilled in a duel by the hero
CHINAThe planetologist's daughter
URALSFremen of Sietch Tabr
KHUFRAFremen of Sietch Tabr
MAIRISH FINGERNAdvisor to the Emperor
TOMRAG FINGERNBene Gesserit in the Emperor's entourage
FORKAFremen of Sietch Tabr
RAHAHA widow, servant to the hero
GOFFEFirst husband of widow
KAFFELSon of widow & her first husband
LOPORSon of widow & her second husband
AMORALLOld Reverend Mother of Sietch Tabr
TOLE SEATRIEDSon of the hero, murdered in infancy
AIAL SEATRIEDSister of the hero
TATCH HET PARLEECaptain of the Fedakin
KHALIHISSFremen of Sietch Tabr
IABUSYA Fremen woman
MIHATA Fremen woman of olden times, seen in a vision
HARTHARTOne of the wives of the Naib of Sietch Tabr
BASHOBrother of the Naib's wife
GYRATEA Fremen steersman
KOBRAOne of the Naib's lieutenants
MOTHEYOne of the Naib's lieutenants
UNRAIL NORRICOThe Emperor's daughter

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