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Can you list all of the named characters in the Alien Quadrilogy?

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Despite his limited intelligence, assistant to the prison's superintendent on Fiorina 1613
Not technically a named character...1
...but it really needed including...3, 4
...don't you think?4
The prison Superintendent; actor aka the wrestler 'Leon Arras'3
Colonial Marine with a big cigar2
In one version, the only prisoner killed by another inmate; actor played Le Chocolat in Moulin Rouge!3
His 'blood' was white1
A prison ox (in some versions of the movie only)3
He was inhumanly quick with a knife2, 3
The designer/creator of his artificial doppelganger3
Sent on foraging mission with two other prisoners. Didn't come back3
Smaller of Nostromo's two engineers1
Representative of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation2
Member of the Betty's crew with a hidden agenda...4
Mercenary on the Betty; actor played Warrick Brown in CSI4
Character shares Mark Twain's real surname; actor played Tywin in Game of Thrones3
Marine, one of the first to die in the Atmosphere Processor battle; actor, ex Royal Marine & SAS, a stuntman on e.g. Dr Who2
Nostromo's captain1
Inmate who helped our heroine with the volatile quinitricetyline; actor played the evil Hakeswill in the Sharpe stories3
Field medic who 'found a live one' before being attacked2
Religious leader of the prison inmates; actor more recently played Detective Fales in 'Longmire'3
Last to die on-screen (aboard the Betty); actor more recently played Tuco Salamanca in 'Breaking Bad'4
Death by Molecular Acid Splash (to the great dismay of one of the female Marines)2
Commander of the Betty spacecraft4
Panics, starts the piston prematurely, allowing the creature to escape the trap; an Irish actor, can be seen in epsiode of 'Father Ted'3
Fatally surprised in the cockpit2
Prisoner whose detonator triggered the quinitricetyline fire3
Driver of the APC, fell to his death during the first battle2
Scientist - the actor played Grima Wormtongue in Lord of the Rings4
Seriously disturbed prisoner, the only one of three to survive an encounter with the creature, which he calls a Dragon3
Inexperienced leader of the Colonial Marines2
Badly burned in the quinitricetyline fire. killed trying to lure the creature into the lead mould3
Only Marine to make it back to the Sulaco2
Assistant pilot of the Betty4
The Colonial Marine with a tendency to whine...2
One of the Betty's crew members to escape from the Auriga4
A ginger tom, proof that cats do have nine lives!1, 2
The girl who survived...2
...up to a point...3
...her mother (Special Edition only)...2
...her father (Special Edition only)...2
...her brother (Special Edition only)...2
Another prisoner killed trying to lure the creature into the lead mould; shares his name with a Bible book3
Led the assault on our heroine; actor also played The Mechanic in 'Fight Club'3
Featured in the iconic scene that 'gave birth' to the franchise1
With our heroine in the morgue when she inspected the girl's body; actor played Stan in 2004 movie Vera Drake3
She was the Chief Navigator on the Nostromo1
Subordinate to the leader of the colonists in Hadley's Hope (Special Edition only)2
The only inmate to survive (although wounded) to the end of the film3
The Nostromo's computer1
First of the creature's human victims on Fiorina 1613
Larger of Nostromo's two engineers1
Commanding officer of United Systems Military on the Auriga4
Doomed host to one of the creatures, he uses its emergence to kill one of the evil scientists4
The other member of the foraging trio who didn't escape the attack3
The Quadrilogy's heroine...1, 2, 3
...and her cloned version4
Leader of the colonists in Hadley's Hope (Special Edition only)2
A Rottweiler (in some versions of the movie only)3
His message to the pilot was ignored - bad mistake for both of them2
Seen repairing/operating electrical & mechanical equipment; actor played a doctor in The Lady (2011)3
Chairman of board of enquiry into the loss of the Nostromo; actor was voice of Steve Zodiac in Fireball XL52
Died alongside her CO in the airducts2
Engineer on the Betty, paraplegic, makes it back to Earth4
Non-speaking part for this actor, another stuntman, cocooned after the first battle2
Very tall but fairly anonymous priisoner, the actor played 'the Greatjon' in Game of Thrones3
Anesthesiologist on board Auriga4
Head of the science team on the Auriga; actor played Eddie Dane in Miller's Crossing4

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