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Penultimate King of Egypt, removed in a 1952 military coup
Governor of Bank of England 2003-2013
Colin Firth played him in a 2010 Tom Hooper film
Third alphabetically of three mentioned in the NT Book of Matthew
The Lionheart
Film Director of (e.g.) Twelve O'Clock High (1949)
Victor at Hastings in 1066
King of Wessex, called “The Great”
One of the three “Kings of the Blues Guitar”, inspiration and guitar hero of Eric Clapton
Known as “The Hammer of the North”
“King of the Blues”
Executed for high treason in 1649
Legendary British hero, wielded Excalibur
1958 American Musical Drama film starring Elvis Presley, directed by Michael Curtiz
Roman client-king of Judaea, despised by the Jews
Song by Blue (2015) or by Weezer (2016)
An American flycatcher
Constructed the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Robert Fripp's prog rock band
Boxing promoter with legendary hair!
Created one of the largest empires of the ancient world, extending from Greece to India
His antics spawned the ditty “Divorced, Beheaded, Died; Divorced, Beheaded, Survived”
Ruler of Sparta in Homer's “Iliad”
King of Scots who defeated the English at Bannockburn in 1314
“King of the Swingers” in Disney's “The Jungle Book”
King of Ruritania in “The Prisoner of Zenda” (Fictional, by Anthony Hope – filmed many times)
Ruler of Pontus, fought several wars against the Romans in the first century BCE
The Magna Carta man
One of the three “Kings of the Blues Guitar”, noted for the song “Born Under a Bad Sign”
Legendary second king of Rome
Prolific writer of children's books, including “The Sheep-pig”, adapted as the 1995 film “Babe”
Popularly known as the “Merry Monarch”
Longtime Slayer guitarist
Known as “Bertie”, he was fond of the ladies, notably the actress Lillie Langtry
A non-venomous North American creature of the genus Lampropeltis
Ruler of Spain who married Mary I of England, then later sent the Spanish Armada
Killed by the Yorkists at Battle of Bosworth Field (1485)
Legendary founder and first king of Rome
19th Dynasty King who reigned in Egypt for 67 years
Soul singer, famous for “Stand by Me”
Mythical ruler of the seas, the Roman equivalent of the Greek God Poseidon
Plummeted from Empire State Building in 1933
Tottenham Hotspur and England central defender 1999-2012
King of Celtic Tribe of the Iceni, husband of Boudicca
Legendary seventh and last king of Rome
11th century King of Denmark, England and Norway
King of Siam, portrayed in the musical “The King and I”
Victim of notorious police brutality in L.A. (1991)
Author of The Shining, Carrie, Misery, etc.
Initially, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros (Fictional, by George R.R. Martin)
King of the Forest
Tapestry creator
Duke of Bohemia in a well-known Christmas Carol
Ruler of Israel, a man whose wisdom was legendary
His victory at Bosworth Field and subsequent coronation effectively ended the Wars of the Roses
Canada's longest serving Prime Minister
Brought most of Ancient Greece under Macedonian domination
King of Great Britain for a day after being accidentally crowned! (Fictional, 2003 film, played by Rowan Atkinson)
Ruler of Troy in Homer's “Iliad” - contemporary Hittite sources suggest he may have been a real person
The boy-king of Egypt's 18th Dynasty
The last of the Bourbon rulers of France, guillotined during the French Revolution
Nigel Hawthorne played him on stage and on film in the 1990s
King of the Scots 1040-1057
He had a dream...
World's longest venomous snake
Defeated at Hastings in 1066
Played by Guy Pearce in “The King's Speech”
Victorious at Agincourt (1415)
John Goodman played him in a 1991 David S. Ward film
Known as the “King of Beasts”
Lead singer and slap-style bassist for the band Level 42
Peter Wyngarde played this sleuth in this 1970s British television series
King of Wessex from 925AD, and effectively the first king of all England
King of the Averni (a Gallic tribe defeated by Julius Caesar)
Shakespeare's version of an earlier story concerning Leir of Britain, a semi-legendary figure from earlier times
Second alphabetically of three mentioned in the NT Book of Matthew
Ruled for 30 seconds at end of final episode of “The Black Adder” (Fictional, by Richard Curtis & Rowan Atkinson)
Apparently he was a merry old soul
Guided Jordan through four decades of peace at a time of much conflict in that part of the world
King of the Franks 800-814
Former top-ranked women's tennis player of 1960s & 70s
The Sun King
A do-nothing king, as in Aesop's Fable
The disease scrofula, supposedly healed by a touch from the monarch
The youngest son of Jesse of Bethlehem
Basically, Followills
A king of Narnia who features throughout the series of books (Fictional, C.S. Lewis)
Known as “The King of Birds”
Film Director of (e.g.) War and Peace (1956)
First alphabetically of three mentioned in the NT Book of Matthew
King of Persia in 5th century BCE
Becomes ruler of Narnia in the first of the fantasy series (Fictional, C.S. Lewis)
The first to rule both England and Scotland by agreement, he was the target of Robert Catesby's Gunpowder Plot
King of the fairies
Financed Christopher Columbus's expedition
King of Prussia 1740-1786
Known as the “King of Swing”
Ruler of Mycenae/Argos in Homer's “Iliad” - contemporary Hittite sources suggest he may have been a real person
Cornet player and bandleader, mentor of Louis Armstrong
Aka Mathayus, played by Dwayne Johnson as The Rock

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