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Can you get these questions from HIMYM Season 9 correct?

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How many people did Marshall call before Ted in the episode 'No Questions Asked'
Who was the woman that Marshall drove home to New York with?
Who was the actress that portrayed Robin's mother?
What are Ted's kids' names?
Who plays Robin's sister Katie?
What did Ted find in the potted daisy?
Who does The Captain get engaged to?
How much does Barney spend on suits every year?
Who meets the mother first?
Instead of piano lessons, what kind of lessons did Ted actually take?
What is Barney's job? (PLEASE)
Who did Ted punch for dropping a bottle of Glen McKenna?
What song does Ted hear the mother sing?
What did Marshall learn in Shanghai?
Who tosses the locket over the bridge?
Barney told Ted to hold onto a picture of who?
Who's wedding cake did Robin steal?
The plans to Italy were cancelled because Marshall decided to become a...?
What does Lily call the cookies that the mother offers her?
The name of the guy that hands Lily drinks every time she does not have one in her hand?
Lily claims her wedding dress was a mix of...?
Who becomes a best man of Barney's?
Who's wedding ring did Robin win?
Who did Marshall mistake for bigfoot and ended up attacking him?
Who did James have an affair with, causing him to divorce with Tom?
Who makes the best scrambled eggs?

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