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What is the name of the boat in Jaws?
What is the name of the agent in the original Jonny English?
What is the community service company in Role Models called?
Whos is the main star of employee of the month?
What is the name of the beast at the end part of the Avengers?
Who is the other villain in The Dark Knight, other than The Joker?
Who is the actress that plays the bond girl in Quantum of Solace?
What has been voted the best film by IMDB?
What is the name of the 2nd Austin Powers movie?
Who is the main actor in The invention of lying?
What is the full name of Kay in the Men in Black?
What is the basketball coach's name in Grown Ups?
Which Harry Potter film is Dolores Umbridge In?
Which actor is in 21 Jump Street and The Sitter?
What is the name of the original Lord of the Rings film?
Which film includes Eleven men, Three casinos and One night?
Which of Ethan Hunt's companion's appears in the 1st, 2nd and 4th Mission Impossible movie?
What song did Celine Dion sing for Titanic?
Who does Gwyneth Paltrow play in Iron Man?
Who is the main monster in Monsters Inc?

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