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APrison where sirius black was held
BOne of the balls used in quidditch
CWhat McGonagall turns into
DVoldemorts apprentices
EHarry's favourite spell
Ffastest broomstick ever
Gmain house of hogwarts
HMain character
IHarry's christmas present from Sirius Black
JAuthor of the books
Kdouble-decker bus used in prisoner of Azkaban
LLuna(harry's friend)'s surname
Mdeputy head teacher's surname
NThe nerdy boy in gryffindor who helps Harry in the Goblet of fire
O5th book of series
PWhat language can harry speak
Qgame played at hogwarts
Rharry's friend
SDark arts teacher and leader of slytherin
TVoldemorts other name
UThe new headteacher who loved pink
Vharry's arch nemesis
Wwhat harry is
XLuna's dad
Ya death eater
Zthe joke shop that closes down in the half-blood prince

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