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Who discovered mathmatical models for heliocentric cosmology?
Where was Copernicus born?
Where are inferior planets best observed from earth?
Who theorized the sun being the center of the universe?
In which wavelength ranges do three spectral lines exist?
Who was the first to view the night sky with a telescope?
Where does most mass of an atom reside?
Celestial body's velocity?
Who discovered relationship between hydwavelengths of the spectral lines of rogen?
How much larger is a proton in mass than an electron?
Questions Anwsers
What is backward motion of planets?
Where is a planet if seen in opposition?
What pitch of sound is heard if it is moving away from a stationary listener?
What did 'planet' mean to ancient Greeks?
Who discovered the nucleus?
Which planets were known before the telescope?
What absorbs all incoming light and does not relect any?
At what conjunction are inferior planets closest to earth?
What pitch of sound is heard if it is moving towards a stationary listener?
Apparent change in a stars motion?

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