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What is the lead singer and guitarist's full, original name?
How many studio albums has Green Day released?
What is Green Day named for?
True or False: Green Day has released a self-titled album.
What was the band's original name?
Who's the bassist?simple
What is the bassist's full, original name?FULL
True or False: The last labeled track on the 'Dookie' album is 'All By Myself.'
What is the name of their debut studio album?
Who's the drummer?
What is the drummer's full, original name?
The drummer was born in the country of _______.
Before Green Day, the drummer was a member of what band?
True or False: Green Day was planning to release an album called 'Cigarettes and Valentines' in 2003 until the master tracks were stolen.
True or False: In the vast Green Day catalog, 'I Fought the Law' is an original song.
Name one band/artist that has significantly influenced the lead singer/Green Day.four possibilities
What is the name of Green Day's side project?(2008)
What is the side project's debut album called?
What year was Green Day first formed?source: iHeart Radio Festival (2012)
In what city was the lead singer born?
True or False: Dookie won a Grammy for Album of the Year.
What was Green Day's first single off their album trilogy?
What are the first 7 words of the 'Longview' chorus?
What is the street address of the place where Green Day began?(in terms of finding their 'scene')
Who's the backing guitarist?
The backing guitarist was first featured in the music video of what song?
HintAnswerExtra Info
The album ________ is mostly a compilation of B-sides.(2002)
What is the nickname of Billie Joe's first electric guitar?
What concert did Green Day dominate in 1994?Hint: it included a famous mudfight
Who is the touring musician with the same first name as the backing guitarist?(he plays saxophone and keyboards)
What character did the lead singer play in the Broadway version of 'American Idiot?'
What was the name of Green Day's first record company?
What is the name of Green Day's current record company?
The live CD/DVD recorded during the 'American Idiot' tour was titled _____.
What are the first four words of Green Day's song 'Going to Pasalacqua?'
What was the first song recorded for the album 'American Idiot?'
What are the first and maiden names of the lead singer's wife?
What is her nickname?
What are the names of the lead singer's two children?just first names
What song is a collaboration between Green Day and U2?
What is the first song Green Day wrote and recorded?
What song is Green Day's experiment in ska?
Green Day's first EP was _____.
What was the nickname of Green Day's first drummer?
What was his full, original name?
Under what movie's soundtrack was Green Day's song 'J.A.R.' released?
What age was the lead singer when his father died?
How many siblings does the lead singer have?not including himself
The bassist is currently married to wife #...what?
Green Day's best-selling album in the U.S. is _______.
What is probably Green Day's most well-known song?This is subjective, and I don't blame you if you get this wrong
The answer to the previous question was played in the finale of what popular 90s show?

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