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M: internal oblique & transversus abdominus (along with T7-T12) \ S: pubic region and posterolateral gluteal skin
M: internal oblique and transversus abdominus (along with T7-T12) S: superior medial thigh, root of penis & ant scrotum, mons pubis & labium majus
M: cremaster (male only) \ S: skin of ant scrotum or mons pubis & labium majus
S: skin over the femoral triangle (superior anterior thigh)
M: none \ S: skin of the lateral thigh
M: anterior compartment of the thigh (iliacus, quadriceps mm, sartorius) S: 3 branches, 1>ant cutaneous n. of the thigh (skin of ant thigh), 2> med cutaneous n. of the thigh (skin
M: medial compartment of the thigh (obt ext, pectineus, gracilis, add long, add brev, add mag S: skin of the medial thigh
M innervation: TFL, gluteus medius & gluteus minimus
M innervation: gluteus maximus
M: biceps femoris (short head) S: skin of superior lateral leg (via lateral sural n.)
M: tibialis anterior, EDL, EHL, fibularis tertius (Leg), ext digitorum brevis & ext hallucis brevis (Foot) S: web space between 1st & 2nd toes
M: fibularis(peroneus) longus & brevis S: anterolateral leg and dorsum of the foot
M: biceps femoris (LH), semiT, semiM, HS portion of add mag S: no sensory innervation to the thigh
M: gastrocnemius, plantaris, soleus, popliteus, FHL, FDL, tibialis posterior \ S: posterolateral leg, lateral foot via medial sural n.
M: gastrocnemius, plantaris, soleus
M: popliteus
M: flexor hallucis longus, flexor digitorum longus
M: tibialis posterior
M: 1st lumbrical, abductor hallucis, FHBrevis, FDBrevis \ S: medial aspect of plantar surface of the foot
M: 2-4 lumbricals, plantar interossei, dorsal interossei, adductor hallucis, quadratus plantae, flexor digiti minimi, abductor digiti minimi \ S: lateral aspect of the plantar surf
M: inferior gemellus & quadratus femoris
M: superior gemellus & obturator internus
M: none \ S: skin of post aspect of the thigh
M: piriformis \ S: none
M: none \ S: skin over the gluteal fold
M: external anal sphincter (inf rectal n.), anal muscles (perineal n.), corpus cavernosum (dorsal n. of penis/clitoris) S: anus (inf rectal n.), skin of labia majora (perineal n.),
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