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Zip Code
Ryan's Home Town
Jason's Home Town
Lou's Home Town
Evan's Home Town
Mario Kart Champion
Mario Tennis Champion
Super Smash Bros Champion
Mark's Home Town
Mark's new Town
Ryan's Girlfriend's Full Name
Lou's Highschool Swimming Rival's Stroke
Evan's Girlfriend's Name
Number of times Mark set off the fire alarm
Ryan's disgusting habit involves licking his
Evan's disgusting habit involves eating
Jason's disgusting habit involves eating
true or false Lou has a disgusting habit
true or false Mark has a disgusting habit
best show
second best show
Joey [blank]
Who mounted the tv?
Mark's super senior year love interests first name
Mark's biggest fear involves the preservation of what?
Ryan's Highschool sport
Lou's Highschool sport
Evan's breakfast of choice
Jason's blanket color
Lou's door
Evan's door
Jason's door
Ryan's door
N Sixty ___
1316 Door Code
Color of the table
Material of the table
Mark's Major
Mark's College
Material of the building
Outdoor or indoor halls?
Marks food delivery service he used
Where does mark get his haircut in AA?
Show Jason doesn't like to watch with me and lou
Rachel's secretary's name
Filtration of choice

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