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What is the capital of the United Kingdom?
Which indoor sport is the most popular in the US?
Where were the 2008 olympics held?
What ocean seperates the Americas and Europe and Africa?
What are animal group are spiders part of?
In the song `The 12 days of Christmas`, what are the 6 geese a-doing ?
Who plays Joey in Friends?
Traditionally, what type of wood do Rolls Royce use on the dashboards of their cars?
Albany is the capital of which US state?
In what year was the Battle of Hastings?
What is the highest Grossing film of all time?
What is the world's oldest religion?
What girls name is also the term used to describe a female donkey ?
In what year was the great fire of london?
What country is also known as the 'Country of Copper'
Who won the footbal(soccer) world cup in 1938?
What is the distance of the English Channel in kilometres?
Who was the first prime minister of Bangladesh?
Who came third in the Modern Pentathlon in the 2000 olympic games?
Colly Cibber held which famous office?

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