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Can you name the Peanuts character which said these things?

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Forced Order
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Good Grief
Hey, aren't you going to stay to greet the Great Pumpkin?
No, I mean Jingle Bells
Do innkeeper's wives have naturally curly hair?
Isn't he the cutest thing
Arf, Arf
Who would ever give a Valentine to stupid Charlie Brown
What do you mean Beethoven wasn't so great?
Now wait a minute, Sir
This time I'm gonna kick that football clear to the moon!
You're holding my hand, Chuck, you sly dog.
I didn't think I looked THAT good.
Dinner is going to be served a little earlier
Every Christmas it's the same. I always end up playing a shepherd
He's all yours, Priscilla.
I didn't send you a Christmas card
Wa, wa, wa
They'll never guess it's me under here.
Never jump into a pile of leaves with a wet sucker.

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