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Can you name the questions about victorious episode freak the freak out?

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What is Haleys Dad's name?
What is the name of the song Jade and Cat sings?
Name one of the songs from Freak the Freak out that was originally from ICarly?
Who sings the last song on Freak the Freak Out
Finish this line: 'Are you listening, hear me talk, hear me ...'
What operation did Trina have?
What city were Rex's dates from?
Who gave Sinjin his wallet?
What is the name of the place where everyone sings?
What did Robbie and Rex sing?
Why did Haley and Tara have to babysit Trina?
What was Tori's 'disguise' name when she sang?
What was 'the awesome kissers' name?

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