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Who said 'Never bring an umbrella to a drive in movie.'
Who said 'He's better than a doctor, he's Santa Claus.'
Who first said, 'Pork chops, and apple sauce.'
Who said, 'Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.'
Who said, 'Jan, don't blame me if boys don't find you attractive.'
Who said 'I hope I do better in the show business than I do in the sew business.'
Who said 'i told you boys to go put Tiger in the car.'
Who said 'After surfing, the bikinis'
Who said 'Like I said, if you carry a joke too far, someone can get hurt.'
Who said 'I should have moved in here years ago.'
Name the Brady cat shown only in the pilot.
Who does Greg pick to be head cheerleader?
Who threw the football that hit Marcia in the nose?
What animal ruins Greg date at the drive in?
What Brady wears glasses?
What is the name of the kids group when they go on the TV show to earn money for their parents anniversary gift?
What room does Greg FIRST move into to get his own room?
What football player does Bobby say he know to impress his friends?
Who does Marcia get to sing at her Prom?
What baseball player teaches Greg pitching?

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