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Forced Order
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Where was the Anonimalle Chronicle written?
What language is it written in?
What language does Galbraith think the author thinks in though?
What language are monastic chronicles normally written in?
Who probably wrote the Anonimalle?
Why, what does he have no knowledge of?
Whose professions does he correctly identify?
What is the value of the Anonimalle Chronicle?
What does the Anonimalle do with official sources?
What is the Black Prince praised for?
What is he criticised for?
What suggests a shared source with Westminster?
How many hands wrote the Westminster Chronicle?
When did the first write?
When did the second write till, and he did he change bits of the earlier narrative?
What was Westminster a continuation of?
Which noble is particularly interesting to the monk of Westminster?
Why? What was he?
Is Westminster strongly pro-Richard?
Why should it be?
What does Richard do with prisoners that is condemned?
What does he do to Courtenay?
Which years form the majority of the Westminster Chronicle's coverage?
When, at the earliest, was it written?
Where does Westminster have Richard visiting prior to Smithfield?
As a benefactor, Gloucester was an obvious source of information, but who else was linked, who stayed with the abbot after his palace was burnt down?
Who does Westminster largely pin the turmoil of London politics on?
Which Parliament is Westminster a central source for?
When does Westminster time the rebel executions?
When do Anonimalle and the London Letter Book time them?
What was Westminster's concern with the Revolt?
How does he refer to the rebels as a result?
When did Froissart first come to England?
Under whose patronage?
When was he next in England?
Who was Froissart's patron when he first wrote?
Was he pro-English?
Who were Froissart's next two patrons?
Were they pro-English?
Did Froissart adopt an obviously partisan view under any of these patronages?
Is Froissart sympathetic to peasants? How does he describe them?
What two factors is Froissart aware of in the Revolt?
Where was Henry Knighton's Chronicle written?
Which family were the abbey's benefactors?
Does Knighton include many official documents?
When did Knighton probably start writing?
When must he have stopped before?
What is Knighton's key concern from parliaments until 1386?
Whose policies as Chancellor does he attack?
Who does he blame for the Revolt?
What does Thomas Favent provide an account of?
What is there no indication of, which suggests Favent was contemporary?
Who does Favent favour?
What account of Brembre does Favent include?
Did Favent's manuscript have a wide use?
How is that inferred?
Is Richard to blame in Favent's account?
Does Favent see the Appellants action as legal?
How popular are Favent's Appellants?
What particular action of de Vere's is shown as treacherous?
Is this fair?
How does Favent portray Tresilian to justify the Appellants' violation of sanctuary in seizing him?
Whose fate does Favent lament, and show that the people of Kent were influential in deciding it?
Where was Walsingham from?
Who did this make him interested in?
When did Walsingham rewrite parts of his Chronicle?
Which revised part of his chronicle was known as the Scandalous Chronicle?
Why was it revised, who was presented a copy of the manuscript who may have disapproved of the harsh anti-Gaunt line?
Was Walsingham conservative?
Who was John of Northampton's patron?
Name two groups he represented?
What did Northampton do as alderman in 1376?
Norrthampton was accused of Lollard sympathies, apart from his association with Gaunt, what gained him this reputation?
Which one group did Northampton particularly target?
What did he do to the fish trade?
When did the King back him for re-election?
When did the King withdraw support?
When was Northampton arrested?
Who attempted to instigate a rising afterwards?
Who was also tried with Northampton?
What happened to him?
When was he fully pardoned?
What group was Brembre a member of?
How did he actually make his money?
While Brembre was mayor, whose house did rioters break into?
What year was this?
What did Gloucester declare was his intention at the Gloucester Parliament?
What did Northampton ban the victuallers from doing?
How did Brembre pursue Richard's favour?
How did Brembre distinguish himself in the Revolt?
Who has this account?
Did Brembre overturn Northampton's ban on the fishmongers' monopoly?
Did he overturn the ban on victuallers holding office?
How many terms as mayor did Brembre sit?
Who has a favourable account of Brembre at the Merciless Parliament?
How many peers were appointed to examine Brembre's guilt in 1388?
Did they find a judgement?
Who was next asked?
Did they find him guilty?
Who was next, and what was their view?
Which source provides great info on the struggles between victuallers and drapers?
Who was condemned for speaking against Brembre in 1385?
Who makes John Legge responsible for the poll tax commissioners?
When was the second poll tax voted?
What was unique about the second poll tax?
The third?
What was the level of the third?
When were the Commissioners appointed?
How much of the tax had they gathered by May?
Which source has Simon Burley acting haughtily and imprisoning one of his serfs during the buildup to the Revolt?
What was Robert Hales' other role (not treasurer)?
Where was Gaunt during the rebellion?
Who was earl of Kent?
What interesting facet do the Flaherty Kent records have?
Which source has the rebels carrying penants?
Which four people were beheaded by the rebels?
Who was the last?
Where was Tyler killed?
What law did Tyler ask for?
Who had ordered Ball's arrest in the 1360s?
Who excommunicated him just before the rebellion?
What ethnic group were also slaughtered during the rising?
What does Walsingham's Tyler plan?
Which professional group were particularly targeted in 1381?
Who preserves one of Richard's charters of manumission?
Who gets the chronology wrong by misdating the burning of the Savoy?
Who does Knighton have murdered by the rebels?
Who does Knighton have as the leader of the rebels at Smithfield?
What personal relationship did Tyler have with Lyons in Froissart?
Which chronicle has three aldermen siding with the rebels?
Which chronicle has Tyler plotting to kill all the king's party, bar the king, and make themselves king with Richard as a puppet?
Which minor source has a very different version of the events leading to Tyler's death?
What rumour did Knolles and the King's party spread in this version?
Which sources lionises Walworth?
Which three Londoners apparently encouraged the rebels?
Who made the accusations?
Which of the fishmongers accused went on to successful careers as aldermen?
Who also supported the rebels whose presence is confirmed by other sources?
Which document supports Farndon's presense?
Do we know what the jubilee book was?
Who sought it?
Was Walter exploiting the Revolt to settle personal scores?
Who else did this?
Who is Walter's enemy?
Who are Salesbury's enemies?
Was Salesbury pardoned?
What price did rebels want rent for servile land fixed at?
In which parliament were Richard's charters of manumission revoked?
Which was the only town exempted from Richard's 1381 amnesty?
Walsingham has Tyler and Wrawe meeting, is it possible?
Who narrates how John Cavendish's head was made to whisper to the prior, John de Cambridge's?
Who is the 'messenger of the great society'
What county was he at work in?
Which rebel leader persuaded members of the gentry to join him?
Name one noble rebel
Who led St Albans rebels?
Who was the mayor of York at the time of the rising?
Who had he ousted from power, who would try and forcibly take it back?
Who led the Scarborough rebels?
What had he established the previous year, showing he wasn't poor?
Who was the rebels' target?
Were the Accloms removed from power after?
Which chronicle has the most information on the revolt's suppression?
When did Gaunt go to Portugal?
When did Arundel and Gloucester win victories over the French?
Who reports Richard's attempted submission to France as fact?
When was the last parliament before the Good Parliament?
Who was the Chancellor in 1376?
When did the Black Prince die?
What were dates of the Good Parliament?
Dates of the bad Parliament? (month and day not year)
By when in 1376 were Lyons and Latimer restored and de la Mare imprisoned?
Who was deprived of the position of marshall?
Who was made chancellor in 1377?
Who was speaker for the Commons?
What was Hungerford's role?
Why was Houghton's appointment important?
Which biblical event did Houghton recount in his sermon?
Which countries were threatening England in 1377 which facilitated the poll tax?
What was the amount of the first poll tax per head?
A general pardon was issued in the 1377 parliament as an incentive to the Commons to grant the poll tax, but who was excluded?
Who was speaker of the Commons in the second 1377 parliament?
Which year's parliament was at Gloucester?
Why was it there? What had happened in Westminster Abbey?
Which two men were brought into conflict with each other over this issue?
Houghton opened the parliament as Chancellor, but was replaced. By who?
When did he continue until?
Who succeeded him?
Who was wheeled out to speak against sanctuary at Gloucester?
Which parliament followed John Arundel's nuns disaster?
Who was the speaker at this parliament?
What was dissolved at this parliament?
Whose supporter was Gildesborough?
What did Gildesborough insist the subsidy was spent on, an invasion to where?
Who would lead this?
Who was speaker at the second 1380 parliament?
Where was the second 1380 parliament held?
What did it grant?
Why was parliament at Northampton? Who had been killed and by whom?

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