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What do the Institutes suggest about Justinian's view on war?
Who was notably reluctant to go to war in the West?
What does the reluctance of Justinian's staff suggest?
Why, who had invaded before and been defeated?
What happened in 532 to facilitate Western expansion?
How many men did Belisarius have for the Vandals Expedition?
Why was it so successful, where was Gelimer's army?
What does Procopius claim Justinian tried to do to the limitanei?
Is this likely?
When did Belisarius head for North Africa?
What did Justinian do to Arian Churches?
What did this cause?
Were the troops in Africa paid regularly?
Who did they choose to lead them, instead of Solomon?
Why did Belisarius only temporarily defeat them?
Who was put in charge of mopping up?
When did Belisarius sail for Italy?
Which city helped the Goths and had its inhabitants massacred as a result?
When was the siege of Rome?
What does Procopius allege about it?
What is clear evidence of mistrusting Belisarius?
What happened after the siege was lifted that made Justinian's reluctance seem sensible
When was Belisarius recalled from Italy?
What made matters even worse for the Romans (not Persia)?
Was he replaced?
Was Narses recalled before or after Belisarius?
How big was the army Justinian sent to the Eastern frontier in 542?
What was significant about it?
When did unrest next threaten in Africa?
Who was responsible for provoking the natives?
Who rebelled against him?
Did Justinian replace him?
Who finally cleared up North Africa?
Although Justinian only sent Troglita after the second uprising, is it fair to say he dealt with it when he could financially?
When was Belisarius returned to Italy?
With how many troops (according to Procopius)
Who was now the Gothic leader?
Was Belisarius able to lift the second siege of Rome (546)?
When did he recapture it?
When was Narses again sent to Italy?
With how many troops
Who was Gothic commander when Belisarius first arrived?
Who replaced Theodehad?
Who was in charge of Byzantine troops in Italy when the Lombards attacked?
Why was he criticised?
Which faction did Justinian support?
Was the idea of supporting a faction new?
How many faction members were there under Maurice?
Why did he find out their numbers? What had happened?
Who joined Procopius in lamenting Justinian's financial policy?
Why should his opposition be taken with a pinch of salt, what position had he formerly held?
who had stripped him of this position?
Who's murder for his money does Lydus mention?
Who does Procopius have stealing Belisarius' wealth?
Demands for whom during the Nika Riots suggest a patrician angle?
When did Justinian hold the Conversations?
When did he issue the Three Chapters?
Was Justinian prepared to accept non-Chalcedonian Christians?
Among whom did he actively encourage Monophysitism?
Was he prepared to tolerate non-Christian faiths?
Who rebelled in 529 as a result of Justinianic religious policy?
Which text shows that Egyptians were not interested in Justinian's attempts to spread Chalcedon?
Who had also experienced a united green and blue front?
Who records similar faction uprisings against Justin I?
What was different about Nika?
Pressure for what lent a political side to Nika?
Were most faction risings political or apolitical?
As signs of Justinian's domestic control, who did Justinian torture?
Whose testicles did he amputate?
When were the factions reduced to a mere embarrassment in front of the Persian ambassador?
Who has suggested that Justinian's legacy was disastrous for the Empire?
Who thinks that the position of the aristocracy was causing fundamental problems?
Name three churches built in Constantinople by Justinian.
How many churches were built in Constantinople?
What did Justinian build which were water related?
What island did Justinian build a granary on?
What style is the Buildings?
What three constructions does Procopius focus on?
Which city does Procopius provide nothing on that he might be expected to know?
How does Procopius describe the great church at Blacernae?
How does Procopius attribute victory at Dara to Justinian?
Who didn't know the Buildings?
What did Procopius write in?
What does Procopius proclaim in his introduction?
When was the Secret History probably written?
Is Procopius ignorant of social history, or just bound by the classicising framework he chose?
The people of which country had a mysterious wall?
Does Procopius know the Romans built it?
Was the inclusion of events like Perozes' pearl unusual?
Why does Procopius include them?
Whose raids did Procopius mis date?
Was Procopius' reliance on Herodotus and Thucydides unusual?
Does Procopius willingly shape events to his agendas?
What in Procopius' prologue was directly lifted from classical study?
Where did he copy it from?
What else does he copy from this historian?
Are speeches in Procopius realistic?
What is generally their purpose?
Why does Procopius use pagan deities like Tyche?
Which two key issues does Procopius totally avoid?
What does Procopius' portrayal of Justin suggest he required from Emperors?
Was Procopius conservative?
In what was he not conservative?
Why, what had influenced him?
Name two standard imperial practices that Procopius criticises Justinian for.
Which Roman Emperor does Procopius compare Justinian to?
What had Belisarius done that so disappointed Procopius?
What policy of Justinian's so enraged Procopius?
Who is used to disprove Procopius' account of the defeat of Callinicum?
What do Procopius' portrayals of Theodora and Antonina reflect?
When did Procopius' Theodora notably influence Justinian?
What faith was Theodora?
When did Antonina impede Belisarius?
What did Procopius claim in the Secret History about Greece that directly contradicted the Buildings?
The closure of which school particularly enraged Procopius?
What were Procopius' problems with Justinian
Which two traitors are used to criticise Justinian?
Where do they suggest Justinian spent all his time?
Where does Procopius portray war the most positively?
Which King is criticised for intolerance as an indirect attack on Justinian?
When does Procopius' coverage stop?
Who continued Procopius?
Where does Justinian find relics in the Buildings?
Where is he divinely shown how to go about construction?
Who actually built this fortress city?
How does Procopius explain Belisarius' recall after Callinicum?
Which city does Procopius label untouched by the Persians in Wars but then have Justinian ordering extensive and impressive repairs?
What does Procopius call the quaestors?
What does he think is their only interest?
How does Procopius describe a statue of Justinian like Achilles?
What does the star of autumn signify?
What text is this in?
How many men does Procopius claim Wittigis had?
Is Procopius' theory of causation consistent?
What is the most dominant explanatory factor?
Belisarius' declining reputation is never really explained, what does Procopius offer?
What sort of theory of causation did classicising history demand?
Procopius lacks an understanding of tactics, true?
Who's tale is Theodora's dramatic purple burial shroud quote drawn from?
What did this man do?
This account comes before the disillusionment, but does not mean Procopius was yet implacably opposed, true?
Is it possible that Procopius was merely disgusted with the waste of life, and the number of ordinary civilians who died?
How does Kaldellis fit in the Buildings?
What does Cameron thinks it shows?
What vice does Perozes have in Kaldellis' opinion?
Which classical author uses pothos extensively?
What does Kaldellis attribute to the shark?
Who else has eros?
So Kaldellis sees the tale as making Justinian an erotic and grasping wannabe Alexander, plausible?
What story does Procopius use in Rome which condemns pagan religion?
Procopius is interested in the arcane, which item is he indisputably interested in of its own right?
Is Procopius' ignorance of Christian positions plausible?
Why does he do it?
Who wrote that all cities were destroyed, churches burned, monasteries and nunneries burned?
Which tribe did Odovacer defeat?
Which two peoples did he make treaties with?
Which emperor had accepted Theoderic's son as son-at-arms?
What was the son's name?
Which two Roman aristocrats were deposed by Theoderic?
Which Roman notably continued in service?
Who did Theoderic make a consul?
Who argues that Boethius and Symacchus represent a resistant Roman strand that had never accepted Theoderic?
Which author suggests Theoderic was plotting against the Romans?
What was increased in the East as in insult to Theoderic?
Which people did the Byzantines encourage to rebel against Theoderic?
When did Theoderic die?
Who succeeded him?
What was her son's name who died in infancy?
Which city's inhabitants were slaughtered by the Goths for defecting to the Romans?
Who claims that the Romans had 'no courage to resist because of the pestilence that occurred during Narses' time'?
When did the Byzantines attempt to reassert themselves in Italy and displace the Lombards?
Who did the plot rely on?
Did Theoderic's reign damage the Roman economy?
Was it declining before his reign?
Which Frankish port was thriving in the mid 6th century?
How did Anonymous Valesianus describe Theoderic?
What did Valesianus say about the economy under Theoderic?
Which Catholic bishop was punished by Theoderic for the misappropriation of ecclesiastical funds?
Who did he cast into prison?
Why, what did he fail to achieve?
In Valesianus' words, how did Theoderic greet the Pope?
When did Theoderic try to reconcile the Arian and Catholic Churches?
Which schism did he try and reverse?
What slogan was on Theoderic's coins?
Where does he build an amphitheatre according to Valesianus?
Where did he build baths and a palace?
Where did he rule from?
What was Theoderic's law code called?
Were edictae an established Roman tradition?
According to Valesianus, Theoderic's games were so splendid that they called him what as a result?
What does Cassiodorus have Theoderic promoting that he himself had learnt the benefit of?
What does Theoderic famously claim in a letter to Anastasius?
Who has the letter?
Did Theoderic consult the Senate?
Where did Theoderic maintain 5000 men?
Where else did he control?
Local Gothic populations retained a degree of autonomy, as shown by the war, where can Theoderic be seen merely ratifying the appointment of leaders rather than selecting them pers
Who was Theoderic unable to compel to come to Italy in his later years, often taken as sign of the deterioration of his power?
What did all male Goths receive annually for military service?

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