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Year founded
Dominant physical feature of campus
Person depicted on school seal
Sports nickname
Sports conference
Football stadium
Basketball arena
Name of basketball court
Baseball park
Famous sports chant
Fight song
Location of Medical School
Name of alternate campus
Administration building
Law School building
Engineering School building
Journalism building
Fine Arts building
Business School building
former Education School building
Social Welfare building
Political Science building
Religious Studies building
Mathematics building
Largest library in the state of Kansas
Location of natural history museum
Largest academic division at KU
Concrete expanse known for people-watching
Student union name
Student union name
Residence hall
Residence hall
Residence hall
Residence hall
Residence hall
Residence hall
Residence hall
Residence hall
Dining area for residence hall students
Location of majority of residence halls
Fountain on west side of campus
Bell tower
Body of water between bell tower and football stadium
main thoroughfare of campus
Border War rival
Sunflower Showdown rival

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