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What Charlie Sheen does
Instrument or fish, depending on the pronunciation
Courageous, or a way to emphasize text
The type of person that Mr. T pities
A small unit of liquid, especially water
The base after third
Bob Dylan, Canned Heat, and Willie Nelson are all on it again
Kamchatka, Ural, and Yakutsk (but no Kyrgyzstan) are in this game; Sulis Van, Toprawa, and Tatooine are examples from the Star Wars version
The quick cure for halitosis
Some 'high'-level advice from Reese Bobby to Ricky: 'If you ain't first, you're' this
A possible outcome in blackjack
'Quid' is to pound sterling as this is to a U.S. dollar
Essential for playing many sports
Burrowing, essentially blind mammal; or reality TV series 'The _____'
Car part spelled with a 'Y' in the U.K.
Fruit-flavoured drink famously used in NASA flights
For the U.S., it's thirteen stripes and fifty stars
Measurement of paper
Hive-inhabiting insects
Opposite of a win

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