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# US states + # days of Christmas
# sides on a enneadecagon + # cards in one suit of a deck of cards
Sum of angle values in a triangle + # primary colours
# flavours advertised by Baskin-Robbins + # hours of NBC's 'Today'
Value of US currency with Ben Franklin pictured - # games in a row that Ken Jennings won on 'Jeopardy!'
# chambers in a cow's stomach - # blind mice
# different men that have served as US President - # presidents elected for more than two terms
# items in a gross - # items in a baker's dozen
Atomic # of helium * # toes you have
# different colours in the Google logo * # points on leaf of Canadian flag
# lives a cat supposedly has * # seasons of '24'
# beats per measure in the 'Mission Impossible' theme * # decimeters in a Decameter
# spots on a standard die / # witches in Macbeth
# seconds in an hour / # US Senators
# properties in Monopoly / # deadly sins
Number a hexakosioihexekontahexaphobic is afraid of / # strings on a standard guitar

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