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Verbose descriptionCliché
As soon as the devil's homeland turns to ice
Everything is fine as long as it concludes as such
Livestock composed entirely of currency
The fowl that arrives before the others may possess the invertebrate food source
Does a mammal of the feline variety have possession of your tasting instrument?
View the other illuminated half
Hooved mammal of a non-similar shade
The entire portion of Mexican food
A lack of intestines leads to an absence of accolades
Playing card placed in the aperture
One sight organ taken with yours
A lack of sound is composed of precious metals
Authority in its fullest nature demoralizes one fully
Do not momentarily stop the process of respiration
Aquatic animal removed from its habitat
Additional yellow fruit
A small portion of liquid in a relatively larger container
An amphibian living in one's neck
The consumption of a singular fruit per 24-hour period deters the physician from visiting
Justice prevails in affection and fighting
Insects invading one's lower clothing
Little universe
Verbose descriptionCliché
Unconsciousness leads to failure
Travel to the location in question; otherwise, have four points
Refrain from enumerating your fowl prior to their emergence from the shell
Precipitating house pets
Wager your unit of currency that happens to be placed under the others
A pirate's heavy artillery, not properly attached
Turning as crazy as yellow fruit
Male child of a dangerous weapon
One upper and lower limb
Movements communicate with greater volume than the spoken language
A slice of fattening desert
Returning to the four-pointed shape of origin
Is unable to navigate oneself in the proper direction to escape from a container composed of what was once trees
The fruit doesn't travel a large distance from its plant of origin
Deeply evil down to one's one skeleton
Refrain from chomping on the appendage that provides you nourishment
The sixty-minute period prior to the final one
It was inquisitiveness that murdered the feline
There are shiny objects that are not necessarily a precious metal
Were you born as one of the Homo sapiens variety, or as a lowly rodent
A visage only a maternal parent could appreciate
Making noises like a dog, but directed at the top of the incorrect plant

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