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Mel Gibson decapitates the President of the US with the national seal in a remake of this Jimmy Stewart classic.Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Milhouse is cast as Fallout Boy in this film adaptation of his and Bart's favorite comic book.Radioactive Man
The big-budget adaptation of this Hans Moleman festival entry wins George C. Scott an Oscar, primarly for getting nailed in the junk.Man Getting Hit by Football
This is the name of Barney Gumble's winning entry in the Springfield Film Festival.Pukahontas
Homer is distracted from stealing Moe's car (so Moe can collect the insurance) when he sees the drive-in is playing this film.Hail to the Chimp
Springfield's children break curfew to see this 40 year old movie, which has kids with glowing eyes get revenge on adults.The Bloodening
This is Mr. Burns' entry for the festival, a puffed-up autobiography helmed by Senor Spielbergo.A Burns for All Seasons
Troy McClure asks for Selma Bouvier's dainty hoof in marriage while watching this, his latest movie.The Muppets Go Medieval
There are at least 12 films in this series, which features ETs invading Earth to eat humans, usually when they're having sex. The fourth one is subtitled 'The Trilogy Continues'Space Mutants
Homer realizes being smart may not be for him when he's booed for pointing out the stupidity of this Julia Roberts movie.Love is Nice
Description Movie % Correct
Starring Dennis Franz, this TV movie depicts Homer's alleged sexual assault.Homer S. : Portrait of an Ass Grabber
Bart and Milhouse fight to get Greta Wolfcastle back by going to Toronto, where her dad is filming this movie.Undercover Nerd
This movie, featuring James Earl Jones as the voice of the Magic Taco, inspires Homer to challenge people to duels - until he challenges a member of the Charleston Dueling Society.The Poke of Zorro
This short film is shown in response to Lisa's declaration of vegetarianism. Meat and You: Partners in Freedom
Skinner shows this movie, featuring the Christmas hobgoblin, to the kids when they're snowed in at school. The Christmas That Almost Wasn't But Then Was
Troy McClure references this film in his intro video for Rancho Relaxo, quoting his line to Dolores Montenegro, 'Have it your way, baby!'Calling All Quakers
This animated short, in which Teddy Roosevelt has his head cut off, is used by Chester Lampwick to prove he invented Itchy and Scratchy.Itchy the Lucky Mouse in: Manhattan Madness
Lengthy previews before this movie cause Homer to riot, and while being chased by ushers he breaks his jaw on a statue of Drederick Tatum.Shenani-goats
Homer pitches this film about a time traveling killer robot driving instructor (whose best friend is a talking pie) to Alec Baldwin, Kim Basinger and Ron Howard.The Terminizor: An Erotic Thriller
Declan Desmond shoots this documentary starring Springfield's children, which leads to Lisa's interest in astronomy (and Bart's desire to steal Fat Tony's hood ornamentAmerican Boneheads: A Day in the Life of Springfield Elementary

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