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ClueMissing Word
Spin-off Game: Advance to _____
Card: Grand _____ Opening, Collect $50 From Each Player
Corner Space: Free _____
Corner Space: In Jail or Just _____
Original Mascot Name: Rich Uncle _____
Simpsons Edition Dark Blue Property: _____ Manor
Utility: Water _____
Card: You Have Won _____ Prize in a Beauty Contest
Card: Pay _____ Tax $150
Game Publisher: _____ Brothers
UK Brown Property: Old _____ Road
Game Creator: Charles _____
UK Railroad: King's _____ Station
Purple Property: St. Charles _____
Railroad: _____ Line
Game Token: _____ Dog
Card Type: _____ Chest
Space after Baltic Avenue: _____ Tax
Variant: Monopoly Here and ____
Yellow Property: _____ Gardens

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