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While he lived in DC, he was the coach that led the Boston Celtics to 9 NBA titles in the 1960s.A
This bar on Beacon Street was the inspiration for the TV show Cheers.B
The iconic neon advertising sign visible over the Green Monster in Fenway Park advertizes this oil company.C
This location in Boston Harbor was the site of a prison from 1896 to 1991, and is now home to the city's largest wastewater treatment plant.D
This chain of small parks around the city, including Boston Common, Arnold Arboretum and the Public Gardens, was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead.E
Boston's only zoo is located in and named for this 527 acre area.F
The costliest art heist in American history took place at this museum on The Fenway, a palazzo-style building that was home to its namesake, who also donated her collection.G
This Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was born and practiced law in Boston, and is best known for writing the 'clear and present danger' majority opinion in Schenck v US.H
The North End neighborhood is traditionally home to people who came from (or whose forebears came from) this country.I
This neighborhood shares a name with what was once called the Great Pond. It is home to the Forest Hills MBTA stop and the Boston Beer Company, makers of Sam Adams.J
Commonwealth Avenue, Beacon Street and Brookline Avenue all cross at this location, which also gives its name to the MBTA Green Line stop located below it.K
Boston's airport is named for this general who served in the Spanish-American War.L
He is the first Italian-American to serve as mayor of Boston, and the city's only five-time mayor.M
This Hockey Hall of Famer has had his number 8 retired by the Bruins. He is (unofficially) the last NHL player to score 50 goals in 50 games.N
The Central Artery tunnel that runs under downtown Boston is named for this former Speaker of the US House of Representatives, whose district included much of Boston.O
This historic downtown hotel, now owned by the Omni group, is known for creating the Boston cream pie and a namesake roll. Ho Chi Minh was a baker there in the 1910s.P
This popular dining and shopping location behind Faneiul Hall is named for the Boston mayor who oversaw its construction in the 1820s.Q
This NFL franchise played in Boston from 1932 to 1936, after which owner George Marshall chose to move the team to its present location.R
These pedal-powered vehicles give cruises on the small lake in the Public Garden.S
This major street gets its name from the three hills that used to define Boston's geography.T
This downtown eatery is the oldest restaurant in the United StatesU
This scenic road named to honor those who fought abroad starts by the Arnold Arboretum and runs through Roslindale and West Roxbury before entering Dedham.V
Citi is now the lead name sponsor of this historic theater, formerly named for this computer magnate of the 1970s and '80s.W
This civil rights figure spent seven years in prison while living in Boston, during which time he learned of and embraced the Nation of Islam.X
This street that runs alongside Fenway Park is closed to traffic on game days to provide an outside entertainment area.Y
The new cable-stayed bridge that carries Routes 93 and 1 is named for Bunker Hill and for this religious and civil rights leader who died of cancer in 1999.Z

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