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Quiz Updated Feb 21, 2012

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We then go to Lisa, who in the course of recycling a beer can gets this in her hair.Bubble gum
These characters then go to this man's store, which he leaves for four minutes to attend his brother's party.Apu Nahasapeemapetilan
The episode opens with Bart and Milhouse doing this from a bridge..Spitting
Flanders, going to get a shovel to pick up dog poop, suggests to Marge that she can clean Lisa's hair by freezing it and using this tool to bash out the foreign matter.Hammer
After her cut, Lisa is laughed at by this character, who also laughs at Mrs Glick when she trips on a curb.Nelson Muntz
The laugher then gets hit with one of these two condiments, which Bart and Milhouse are squirting off the bridge.Ketchup or Mustard
Jumping to Wiggum, Lou and Ed at a Krusty Burger, we get dialog comparing that restaurant to McDonalds, dialogue inspired by what 1994 film?Pulp Fiction
The driver catches the laugher, and makes him march down the street after making him change the way he wears this item of clothing.Pants
A tracking shot through a sewer takes us to this man, who is letting his dog relieve himself on Flanders' lawn.Rev. Timothy Lovejoy
The episode then ends, leaving us to wonder about this story starring Springfield's resident mad scientist, who only gets to introduce the scene before the credits roll.The Tomfoolery of Professor John Frink
After Lisa is attacked by bees attracted to her hair, one bee flies off and stings this character, who is allergic to bee stings.Waylon Smithers
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This character, after driving past Krusty Burger, goes home and tells his wife how he'd been attacked by a woodpecker, electrocuted by spaghetti, and hit by a giant baseball.Bumblebee Man
Cutting to Skinner hosting Chalmers for dinner, Skinner tries to pass off Krusty Burgers as this, whose name he claims is used around Albany.Steamed hams
We then jump to Moe's Tavern, where Moe confronts Barney with a $14 billion tab calculated by this government body.NASA
Milhouse finally gets to go the bathroom in the army/navy store, where he knocks the owner out with this weapon.Mace
He then laughs at a tall man driving this sort of car.Volkswagen Beetle
Dr. Nick, after passing by the bee sting victim, dodges malpractice charges when he subdues this crazy man.Abe Simpson
As fire engines rush to Skinner's house, we see Homer accidentally lock Maggie in a newspaper vending machine when he tries to buy a paper reporting that Senator Helms wants to taxDoughnuts
This is followed by a scene with Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel, who offers Brandine shoes to wear while working as this.Topless dancer
Going back to the film homage, Wiggum and Snake are later captured by this character and held captive in his army/navy store.Herman
A telephone wire takes us to the Android's Dungeon, where Milhouse buys a comic starring this advertising character so he can use the bathroom, only to be dragged out by his fatherHamburglar
Wiggum escapes, and passes Lisa on her way to this hair salon with a name based on an Astrid Lindgren novel to have the matter cut out of her hair.Snippy Longstocking

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