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Can you name the four-letter words in this British-slang themed word ladder?

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Hint4-letter word
Informal talk
Outer piece of clothing to keep warm or dry
Council on Affordable Housing (abbreviation)
Biblical arc builder
★Belonging to the upper class★
To use force to move something forward
____ in Boots
★Binge drinking: To get on the ____★
A type of lager beer
A quantity of things heaped together
River in Egypt
Good and enjoyable
★To steal★
Hint4-letter word
Affected with a disease or illness
Knitted footwear
Make something thoroughly wet
Used during washing and cleaning
Hit someone with your flat hand
★Criticize someone in an insulting manner★
Symbol of a country attached to a pole
★To sell something★
A public digital diary
A biography
The basic input output system of a computer
★Various things: ____ and bobs★
No ifs ands or ____
Tops and bottoms of hamburgers
★Throw something in a casual way★

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