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Can you name the cities by the given clues and find the geographical term formed by the letters of the cities?

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CluesCityLetters forming the geographical term
National capital - On most populous island - Tropical monsoon climate (7-4)
Means 'beautiful pasture' in Mongolian - more than 3 million inhabitants - Political unrest (6-2)
Olympic host city - growth due to oil boom - Home to the Flames (7-1)
Capital of its state - 'City of Oaks' - In an East coast state (7-7)
Primate city - Capital until 1983 - French colonial history (7-3)
On second largest island of the country - Heavy snowfall in winter - The Ainu form the indigenous population (7-3)
In WWII largest German submarine port - Currently port of another country - on western point of a peninsula (5-3)
Largest drydock in the world - Strong religious segregation - On an island (7-3)
Country independent since 1991 - In a big Asian country - In own language name means 'capital' (6-4)
Temporarily held by the Dutch West India Company - Named after a colonizing king - National capital (10-5)
Birthplace of Tolkien - One of the three national capitals - Was part of the Orange Free State (12-3)
Which geographical term is formed?

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