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Can you pick the body of water that doesn't fit the rest in the set?

Quiz Updated Mar 24, 2015

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Body of WaterOdd One Out
Great Lake bordering Canada
A) Lake Erie B) Lake Huron C) Lake Michigan D) Lake Ontario
In the Americas
A) Lake Albert B) Lake Nicaragua C) Lake Superior D) Lake Titicaca
Borders the same name country
A) Gulf of Finland B) Gulf of Guinea C) Gulf of Honduras D) Gulf of Oman
Asian river longer than 4,000km
A) Indus B) Mekong C) Yangtze D) Yellow River
In the Northern Hemisphere
A) Arabian Sea B) Bering Sea C) Norwegian Sea D) Scotia Sea
African lake
A) Lake Ladoga B) Lake Nyasa C) Lake Tanganyika D) Lake Victoria
Drains into the Mediterranean Sea
A) Nile B) Rhône C) Tagus D) Tiber
Part of the Mediterranean Sea
A) Tyrrhenian Sea B) Ionian Sea C) Ligurian Sea D) Bay of Biscay
Asian lake
A) Aral Sea B) Lake Baikal C) Lake Balaton D) Lake Balkhash
Borders a same starting letter country
A) Adriatic Sea B) Baltic Sea C) Bay of Bengal D) Skagerrak
Strait between two countries
A) Øresund B) Strait of Dover C) Strait of Malacca D) Strait of Messina
Rises in the Rocky Mountains
A) Colorado River B) Mississippi C) Missouri D) Rio Grande
Flows through more than 3 countries
A) Danube B) Euphrates C) Niger D) Rhine
Named after an explorer
A) Baffin Bay B) Barents Sea C) Solomon Sea D) Tasman Sea
Larger than 20 million km²
A) Arctic Ocean B) Atlantic Ocean C) Indian Ocean D) Southern Ocean

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