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Can you pick the city that doesn't fit the rest in the set?

Quiz Updated Jan 28, 2018

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Set of CitiesOdd One One (A, B, C or D)
Former capitals of China
A) Shanghai B) Nanjing C) Luoyang D) Chang'an
City in Argentina
A) Mendoza B) Buenos Aires C) Salta D) Trujillo
Within 50 km of the Great Lakes
A) Detroit B) Ottawa C) Rochester D) Toronto
Is a city name in multiple countries
A) Hyderabad B) Brest C) Tokyo D) St. Petersburg
Directly on a national border
A) Almaty B) Basel C) Ciudad Juárez D) Rome
Used to be the world's largest city
A) London B) Rome C) New York D) Paris
(Former) Hanseatic city
A) Gdansk B) Lübeck C) Oslo D) Riga
1 of the 3 South African capitals
A) Johannesburg B) Bloemfontein C) Cape Town D) Pretoria
On the Mississippi river
A) New Orleans B) St. Louis C) Jackson D) Minneapolis
Daylight saving time is used
A) Christchurch B) Guadalajara C) Malmö D) Phoenix
City in India
A) Agra B) Karachi C) Lucknow D) Pune
In a former British colony
A) Abidjan B) Belmopan C) Perth D) Dar es Salaam
In one the the Thirteen Colonies
A) Atlanta B) Boston C) Cleveland D) Pittsburgh
Was an Olympic host city
A) Atlanta B) Helsinki C) Chicago D) Sydney
Same starting letter as its country
A) Cali B) Isfahan C) Jinan D) Rostov-on-Don
Above 2000 meters
A) Addis Ababa B) Mexico City C) Sucre D) Zurich
Larger than its national capital
A) Milan B) Lagos C) Lahore D) Melbourne
French is the main language
A) Algiers B) Geneva C) Liège D) Montreal
City in Nigeria
A) Abuja B) Douala C) Lagos D) Port Harcourt
Is a sea port
A) Hamburg B) Brasília C) Rotterdam D) Shenzhen

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