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Can you name the missing words from these How I Met Your Mother Quotes?

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A) Believe it or not, I was not always as ____ as I am today.Barney
B) Think of me like Yoda, but instead of being little and green I wear suits and I’m awesome. I’m your bro—I’m ____!Barney
C) The 80s didn't come to ____ til like '93.Robin
D) This is gonna be legen- wait for it, and I hope you're not lactose-intolerant because the next word is, ____.Barney
E) Ted, I don't want to swear in front of Korean ____, but what the bleep are you doing, dude?Marshall
F) You stole the blue ____ horn for me.Robin
G) This is a pie chart describing my favorite bars. And this is a bar _____ describing my favorite pies.Marshall
H) A handshake is too formal and a ____ is just like a public dry hump.Barney
I) We're building an ____ in Central Park! It's going to be legendary! Snow-suit up!Barney
J) I put all your heavy ____ in this box marked 'winter'. And all your colorful sweaters in this box marked 'Bill Cosby'.Lily
K) I can't keep buying things! I have six self-cleaning litter boxes and I don't even have a ____.Barney
L) Oh girlfriend troubles, I wish I could help you but my totally awesome wife just bought me a ____ dance with her body double.Marshall
M) Ted, even if she is married, it's a Canadian marriage. It's like their ____ or their army. Nobody takes it seriously.Lily
N) Wow, five years. If I had to go five years without sex, I'd be out in the streets selling it for a ____. Lily
O) Oh... that's not just a stove. That's a stoveinkerator! A combination of a stove, ____, sink and refrigerator. Stoveinkerator!Lily
P) Look at us, riding around in a limo, eating hot dogs... It's like we're the ____.Marshall
Q) I don't want to find myself in 3 years with some random girl, no matter how many boobs she has. I want to be with ____!Barney
R) Discouraging pre-marital sex is against my ____.Barney
S) I love a ____ that's old enough to order its own ____. Robin
T) You made it to 200. You should be proud. You should be ____, but you should be proud. Ted
U) Ted, bubala, if you have a crazy story, I was there. It's just the law of the ____.Barney
V) And of those 33 ____, I have had sex in 31. Oh P.S., in order to hit 33, all I need is bobsled and the Apollo 11 space cap.Barney
W) One of the 24 similarities between ____ and fish: they're both attracted to shiny objects. You never read my blog, do you?Barney
X) Hey Barney, I'm get rid of some of my old stuff; do you want my ____?Ted
Y) Hey, nice shirt Ted. Is it ____ already?Lily
Z) Hey, you wanna play ____ Dog? It's a car game. Everytime you see a dog you got to be the first one to say: _____ Dog!Ted

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