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The AbsurdIf Sisyphus has a drug the rolling is still objectively pointless but not subjectively. Absurd- tension between pretensions/aspirations and reality. Best we can do about life is take a new POV and have irony.
Suicide and DutyAll about your duty. Freedom is a condition of life, suicide destroys freedom, suicide uses freedom to destroy freedom, therefore it is bad.
Of SuicideRight/wrong is grounded in moral sentiments, passions provide motives for all actions. Providence determines all. Many people see suicide as moral failure, but he thinks it's permissible under some conditions.
The Makropulos Case Reflections on the Tedium of ImmortalityOur mortality is what gives our life the meaning that it has. Because our lives are short, life has beauty. Title comes from opera where potion causes 300 year life- and an absence of feelings
The Meaning of LifeTalks about Sisyphus. We are all busy but in the end it will fail- best we can do is stay engaged.
Immortality a LetterImmortality drug; do not take because wanting immortality is not human; human is dying and knowing that we are all going to die
The Morality and Rationality of SuicideCase for suicide is broad. Homicide is only justified if victim deserves death, most suicides don't deserve death. Suicide violates ones duty to others.
Why Immortality is Not So BadBelieves that humans could bear the burden of immortality by picking up new categorical desires. Boredom is not necessary. Disagrees with Makropulos analysis. Variety of places to receive happiness.
Nothing MattersMatter is a relative term; someone has to exist in order for something to matter. It's near impossible to have something not matter to you. X matters to Y; must be a Y

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